May 28, 2015

The Best Blu-ray & DVD Pre-Orders for June & July!

There are a ton of great titles hitting Blu-ray & DVD in June & July, and so we've updated our Pre-Order Widget to highlight the best of them. *The Pre-Order Widget can always be found on our Sidebar.

For us, The Wire, Scarecrows, Der Samurai, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Dog Soldiers, and Horsehead are the June releases that we absolutely must have.

In July it's Maggie, It Follows, Ex Machina, The Godsend/The Outing, Cellar Dweller/Catacombs, and I, Madman that will be taking our money.

Scroll through and take a look, and Pre-Order these great titles while the prices are at a reasonable level. *Prices usually tend to be cheaper Pre-Release, depending on the title. 

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