May 4, 2015

Horror Shorts: 20 Hz by Chris Keller

Someone sent us the link to this new Horror Short from director Chris Keller, so we thought we'd pass it on to you.

*Make sure to check this one out with headphones on, as the sound is definitely a co-star here.


Anything that keeps us on the proverbial edge of our seats makes us happy, and 20 Hz did just that. The jump scare at the end felt out of place, as everything before it was so slow, quiet, and nuanced, but overall this short delivered the atmosphere just the way we like it. Very effective and stylish.

Get away from the jump scares, and we'd definitely watch a 90 minute version of this story.

Also, Alix Wilton Regan is not too hard to look at. Not at all.


  1. Nice!! Thanks for that. I would definitely be up to more shorts on this site.

    I'd also be up for more from Miss Regan. ;-)

    1. We'll definitely have to showcase some more shorts, Phil. And yeah, some more from Miss Regan wouldn't be so bad either :)