May 11, 2015

Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates for May-June!

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We've updated our Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates page for May & June, with a sneak preview of a few July titles thrown in for good measure!

The older the year gets, the better its Blu-ray releases get: a completely re-mastered, 1080p version of  The Wire, Madman, Spring, Dog Soldiers, Scarecrows, Society, Cannibal Ferox, that Ghosthouse/Witchery 2-Pack... and that's only a few of the titles that we're excited about.

So click the titles below to pre-order, or click the banner above to be taken to the full Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates page, and get ready to enjoy some great movies!

madexjurassicstigmataharleyzomcannibalislandmadmanscarespringwirewolfdersleep 2sleep 3societylazaruscontdoghorse1990escape2Banner-2

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