March 7, 2015

Horror Hotties: The Girls of Muck (2015)

We can't remember the last time that one Horror flick featured so many gorgeous girls, and so ahead of our review of Muck, we decided to create a Horror Hotties post to showcase them all. Some of these ladies may have bigger parts in the movie than others, but they're all stunners, and so we tried to give them all an equal amount of photo space. *It was almost impossible to find usable pictures of Puja Mohindra online though, so she only gets one, and it's a bit tame. Sorry.

We list them here in the order in which they appear in the credits, because trying to rank them in any other way would just be crazy; you try deciding which of them are hotter than the others. Not us.

So enjoy, and keep an eye out for our Muck review which is coming soon!

Puja Mohindra
Stephanie Danielson
Laura Jacobs
Lauren Francesca
Jaclyn Swedberg
Gia Skova
Audra Van Hees
Ashley Green Elizabeth
Victoria Sophia
Leila Knight

1 comment :

  1. I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. Could be an overhyped low grade slasher or could herald the arrival of a new franchise worth looking forward to. It does have some hotties but it's unfortunate that a lot of them look to be silicone enhanced. Not a fan of that. I'll take an au natural cutie like Sarah Bolger (The Lazarus Effect) any day over fake. Have you seen Ms. Bolger's Esquire photos? Wowza!