March 3, 2015

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for March 3rd!

An interesting mix of Blu-ray releases this week, with the massively huge Mockingjay set to eclipse them all. Yay.

For our money though, Blacula and Exterminators of the Year 3000 are the better purchases, because at least they aren't just the boring, mopey first half of a movie that should have never been split into two parts to begin with.

Everybody and their little sister are going to be buying Mockingjay this week like it's going out of style, so really, there's not much that we need to say about it.

The combination of 70's Horror and 70's Blaxploitation flicks gets no better than it does with Blacula. Blacula and its sequel are not as cheesy as you might think they are, so don't go into them thinking that you're going to get Dolemite with vampire fangs. These are straight-forward vampire flicks with an afro-centric vibe to them, and we know that Scream Factory is going to make them look and sound prettier than they ever have.

Another Scream Factory release, Exterminators of the Year 3000 is pure 80's Post-Apocalyptic bliss. None of the cheaper, Direct-to-Video PA flicks from the 80's were especially good, but they were always fun as hell to watch; this is the kind of movie that you pop in when you and your friends want to have a fun Bad Movie night. This is a really cool release.

Mobsters is a fun little flick from the 90's that tried to do the Young Guns thing, only with gangsters instead of cowboy outlaws. Remember Richard Greico? Neither do we, but he's in this along with a young Christian Slater, and Dr. McDouchey from that shitty ABC hospital show. It's cheesy in parts, but it's a movie that we grew up on, and so we'll most likely update our OLD clam-shell DVD version to this (hopefully) better Blu-ray version.

I'd really love to recommend that people buy that Equilibrium disc and not look back, but it seems as if this "new" release is nothing more than a repackage with a Digital HD copy. That normally wouldn't be an issue, but the movie has never really gotten a proper, crisp, quality transfer, and so if this isn't a new transfer, then it's not going to look or sound all that great. That being said, Equilibrium is an excellent flick, and even if this BD release isn't perfect, it's probably at least a step up from the DVD.

The Captive was an oddly awkward movie which we have loved, and half hated. As "frantic parents search for missing kids" movies go, we're glad that we saw it, but we probably wouldn't sit through it again. You might want to rent it before buying yourself a copy.

TVz-infolongout170 x 224
Nothing Horror-wise on the TV front this week, but Longmire and Outlander are both solid shows that are worth a look. especially Longmire; we're going to wait for Season 3 pop up on Netflix before we watch it though, because with hem producing Season 4 of the cancelled A&E show, you know that it will.

I suppose if you're in the mood to watch all of the Jaws movies except for the vastly superior original, then that Jaws 3-Pack is for you. I personally like to stop with Jaws 2, and pretend the later sequels don't exist... because they really shouldn't.

As for everything else...

Blood Car looks like it MIGHT be a low-budget, cheesy good time; Misogynist looks pretty bad, in a shitty Soap Opera kind of way; Psychotic looks like utter shite; Splash Area looks even worse; and we can't even find a trailer for The Spring Break Murders, so that means it's most likely unwatchable.

Good luck with sitting through any of those gems. 


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  3. Have you watched When Animals Dream ?

    1. No we haven't, Victor, but it's been on our "Must See" list for a long while now. Once it gets a proper release somewhere, we will be all over that one.

    2. I just didn't find the film you anywhere even in the news

    3. Saw it in the theater. Very good, very atmospheric stuff.