March 17, 2015

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for March 17th

Gathering all of the week's Blu-ray & DVD releases in one handy post for your browsing pleasure, this is The Digital Dread Report for March 17th, 2015!

It looks like we have another anemic week of Blu-ray & DVD releases on our hands, at least as far as Horror & Genre flicks go. With the Fulci and Argento releases that are coming to drain our wallets over the next two weeks, we're just happy getting our hands on Mark of The Devil for now, and saving our $$$ for them.

*If you're ordering something this week, be sure to order through us by clicking the pics below, because reviewing movies ain't free! We pay, man. We pay. 

The first of Arrow Video's U.S. releases, Mark of the Devil is at the top of our list this week; and not just because it's a slim week for Blu-ray releases, but because Arrow Video has an excellent track record of releasing quality genre flicks in the UK, and we're excited to finally be a part of their distribution plans here in the States. Mark of the Devil is a really cool flick too, and we really want to see how it looks and sounds in Blu-ray quality. This is a Must Buy for us, and for Horror fans in general. 

We weren't very impressed by Muck (read our review here), but that doesn't mean that legions of Horror fans won't like it. What Muck lacks in story and script, it more than makes up for visually; it's a sharp looking movie that is full of gore and naked babes, and for some folks, that's more than enough. We suggest that you rent it first before spending $17 to own it, but if it sounds like something that you're going to love even though it's not a perfect movie, then just buy it.

Those of us here at THC who actually own an Xbox (not me, I've always been a PlayStation mark) are big Halo fans, and so they're pretty excited to see Halo: Nightfall. It only looks alright to me, but seeing that Mike Colter is starring in it, I'm going to have to give it a look see; he's going to be playing the title role of Luke Cage in the upcoming Netflix series of the same name, and I really want to see if he's got the action chops to pull it off. Overall though, video game lovers will probably dig this series.

We're really curious to see Something Wicked. Not only because it was the late Brittany Murphy's final film, but because it actually looks like it could end up being a decent little Thriller.

A Cry From Within, The Invited, and Shadowed look like they might be decent too, but low-budget flicks like that are always crap-shoots, so proceed with caution.

Dexter and The Ghost Whisperer, you can keep.

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