March 10, 2015

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for March 10th!

Gathering all of the week's Blu-ray & DVD releases in one handy post for your browsing pleasure, this is The Digital Dread Report for March 10th, 2015!

It's a less than exciting week on the new release front, as most of the week's offerings seem best suited to a VOD rental for us, but hey, we're picky. Besides, the last two weeks of March are where we're going to spend most of our Blu-ray $$$, so we're being frugal until then.

*If you're ordering something this week, be sure to order through us by clicking the pics below, because reviewing movies ain't free! We pay, man. We pay. 

Out of all of the Blu-rays being released this week, Late Phases is probably the only one that we feel compelled to buy. It's a great werewolf flick, and Nick Damici is awesome, so we will definitely be re-watching it in the future.

Don't Go In the Woods, The Fan, and Rabid Grannies are all Cult Classics (to different degrees) that will surely attract niche buyers, but might not be ideal viewing for the average Horror fan. Don't Go In the Woods is a schlocky affair; Bad Grannies is Troma-cheesy; and The Fan is just creepy and nuts. We may actually have to buy The Fan.

Dark Haul is a Syfy movie, so proceed with caution, those of you who don't love the average Syfy cheesefest.

Wolfcop is one of those wacky Horror Comedies that could go either way, and we're hoping that it comes closer to being like Black Sheep than it does Thankskilling. Than again, Thankskilling was pretty damned funny...

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On the DVD front, the best bet for entertainment $$$ this week is probably The Criterion Collection's release of the 1932 Classic, Vampyr. One of the first Horror movies ever made with sound, Vampyr is a great movie if you like those old-timey Horror movies. It's not for us, but again, we're picky.

That 3-pack with Lovely Molly is interesting, but only because of Lovely Molly

The Culling, Come Back to Me, and Devil May Call look like they might be enjoyable, for lower-budget flicks.

Evil In the Woods and Teeth & Blood look pretty bad.

It's all a crap-shoot, folks, so roll the dice if you dare!

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