March 31, 2015

Blu-ray & DVD The Digital Dread Report for March 31s!

Two absolutely Must Own collections, one Sci-Fi movie that we can't wait to check out on Blu-ray, and two DVD's that we could take or leave; this is the Digital Dread Report for the week of March 31st!
If you're looking to get into the Blu-ray world of Dario Argento flicks, then this 3-Disc set from Blue Underground is the perfect way to take the leap. Deep Red and Inferno are two of his best movies (and our favorites), and even though we would preferred that The Bird With the Crystal Plumage round out this collection instead of The Cat O' Nine Tails, this set is beyond awesome. Especially for only $23.

*Note: This 3-Disc set is a re-package of the individual Blue Underground releases, so there are no new transfers or special features to be found here.
As with the Argento set above, this 3-Disc set of Lucio Fulci classics from Blue Underground is a great place to start your Fulci Blu-ray education. We actually like this set a bit better than the Argento one, as all three of these movies are favorites of ours; we already owned the City of the Living Dead disc, but we ordered this set anyhow, because we do not yet have House by the Cemetery or New York Ripper in our Blu-ray Collection. Again, Horror fans would be hard pressed to find a better Blu-ray value for under $23, and a Must Own for Horror fans who don't already have these classics gems in their collections.  

*Note: This 3-Disc set is a re-package of the individual Blue Underground releases, so there are no new transfers or special features to be found here.
We'll be buying Interstellar because its exactly the kind of movie that Blu-ray was created for; we really can't wait to see how gorgeous the far reaches of space look on our home setup. Oh yeah, and the movie itself was pretty good; not Christopher Nolan's best work by a long shot, but we still found it to be top-notch entertainment that even had a bit of an emotional kick to it.

Great flick, great Blu-ray release.
From the Press Release: "Housekeeping follows Lucy (Adriana Solis), a medical student who takes a housekeeping job in order to make some quick cash. The almost-too-convenient new job soon takes a turn for the worse as Lucy’s haunting past emerges and she begins to lose her grip on reality."

Remember After Dark Films? You know, the company that gave us the 8 Movies to Die For festival releases way back in 2006? Well they're back with this new release, and who knows, maybe this will be the start of a new run of decent Horror flicks for us to enjoy. Right?
From our review: "Out of the Dark isn't a bad movie at all, but it surely is a painfully bland one. It's easy enough to watch, and we didn't really feel like we wasted our time doing so, we just didn't really care about it either way when all was said and done. Is it worth a rental? Kinda. You'll be fine either way you go."

Out of the dark makes a far better Netflix watch than it does a purchase, but if you love Julia Stiles, or if the average Lifetime Channel movie of the week is "your thing," then maybe this one is for you.

Read our review HERE. always, is a crap-shoot.


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