May 2, 2012


We've seen it. Thursday night, we'll tell you why you should absolutely need to as well. 

Until then...



  1. Yeah, can't wait to see..(scrolls down page).. what were you saying again?

  2. Seeing it tomorrow at midnight! Can't wait!!

  3. Yeah, that's exactly the way I feel about Total Recall. I wonder if I will recall anything about the script by the time it ends.

  4. Less than five hours til the Ultimate Marvel Marathon. I will be in my seat, probably brain-dead, all day long. Finishing up with Avengers at 12:01 AM!

    Haven't been this excited for a movie since the original Star Wars trilogy!

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  6. R.M., We did the Lord of thr Rings Extended version theatrical marathon back in the day, and it was awesome... but it was a long ass day. Not sure if I'd so a marathon that long again,. but I'm starting to wish I had today. I'm jealous of your fun!

    Side, you have to trust in Colin. I'm hoping he makes Total Recall into something memorable.

    Tafferson, some of us are seeing it at midnight too. Since I've seen it already, I'm not. I am going to catch the IMAX 3-D tomorrow though, mainly because I want the Iron Man glasses... for a kid. The glasses are for a kid, not me. LOL