May 10, 2012

2012 Summer Movie Preview- July


After a slow June, July promises to heat things up a bit with two of the most anticipated movies of the summer., one of which could be king of them all once the summer box office dust settles. Most notably, July is the only month of the summer that doesn't really have any movies we aren't interested in seeing, so our GEEKOMETER for the month is always set somewhere between Medium and High. Nice.

geek high

The Dark Knight Rises (July 20th)- If not for The Avengers, TDKR could have easily ruled the 2012 Summer box office... and it still might. Christopher Nolan's Batman movies raised the bar as far as how comic book flicks were treated and made. He did this by making them good, solid movies that happened to be about comic book characters, and not just overblown, cheesy action flicks like so many other comic book movies are. In the comics, Bane was the villain that broke Batman's back, forcing someone (Azrael) to step up and take his mantle for a time. He destroyed the bat. We are absolutely dying to see the havoc that Tom Hardy's Bane unleashes on Gotham, and see this masterful trilogy concluded. If there's one sure bet for epic awesomeness this summer, TDKR is most definitely it.

The Amazing Spiderman (July 3rd)- After Nolan released Batman Begins, it became apparent that Sam Raimi's Spiderman flicks weren't much more than mediocre popcorn flicks. That's all well and good, but looking back on them now makes us say nothing more than "meh." Sony's reboot of their mega franchise could be the start of a new, less cheesy Spidey franchise, and we are certainly hoping that's the case. Andrew Garfield is an excellent actor and will no doubt make an excellent Peter Parker, and for that reason alone, our asses will be in the seats on July 3rd. This movie has a lot to prove following The Avengers and preceding The Dark Knight Rises, and we hope it doesn't get lost in the Superhero shuffle. Our Spidey-sense is indeed tingling over this one.

Killer Joe (July 27th)- Matthew McConaughey as a twisted killer for hire.. NC-17... directed by William Friedkin... a trailer that looks wickedly fun... we are definitely down for this one.

geek medium

Red Lights (July 13th)- The idea of getting to see a movie that showcases Robert De Niro vs. Cillian Murphy amidst a paranormal backdrop seems way too good to pass up. It had some pretty decent buzz about it during Sundance, so we're hoping that it fills our craving for something supernatural when we need a break fro the big budget spectacles of the summer. Plus, Elizabeth Olsen. Yum.

Savages (July 6th)- Savages is the first Oliver Stone flick that we've been excited to see since Any Given Sunday way back in 1999, mainly because it doesn't involve politics or history, and it isn't a shitty Wall Street sequel. We're hoping that Savages is a return to his twisted, violent films of old.

Ted (July 13th)- Seth McFarlane voicing a perverse, foul mouthed teddy bear that humps things and hangs out with strippers? Yes, please.

The Pact (July 6th)- Could this movie be the little supernatural flick that could? The trailer looks pretty creepy, so it is possible. If we get the chance, we will run out and catch it. If the evil gods of distribution exclude our town from showing it, then I guess we wait for the DVD or Screener. Either way, it's definitely on our list.

August is next... and last!

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