May 9, 2012

2012 Summer Movie Preview- May


Let's be honest; May already belongs to The Avengers. It's made about 750 Million dollars world wide so far, enriching lives and breaking records along the way. It wont be long before it crosses the billion dollar mark, which is crazy talk since it's barely been out for two weeks abroad, and five days here in the U.S.

Wait though, it cant be all Avengers, all the time, can it? That would be boring. Luckily for us there are plenty of good flicks on the way this summer that look to be pretty impressive, and we thought we'd take a look at the movies that have us most pumped to spend our dollars on them, this May through August.

Obviously we're focusing on horror here, but as geeks of all things genre, we can't ignore a few non-horror goodies too.

geek high

The Avengers (May 4th)- We've seen it, we loved it, and we're already fiending for the Blu-ray which Joss Whedon said would have 30+ additional minutes added back into the movie. As comic movies go, The Avengers has it all; Action, humor, emotion, great performances and a great story. Joss Whedon is the undisputed master of taking a gang of flawed misfits and turn them into a cohesive, heroic unit. The Dark Knight Rising is about the only flick that has a chance at being bigger and better this summer. I guess we'll see in July.

God Bless America (May 11th)- Hey, another one we've seen and loved! GBA is getting a limited theatrical release this May, and if it ends up in a theater near you, consider yourself lucky and go see it. It's a bit heavy handed on the preaching, but it's fun and feels pretty relevant in today's pop culture dominated America. The exploding baby was pretty neat too.

The Road (May 11th)- Since we've already seen Avengers and GBA, The Road is definitely our most anticipated movie for May. The trailer looks creepy and interesting, and advanced word has been overwhelmingly positive. The whole "Three separate stories told in reverse" has us intrigued. It's also directed by a guy named yam, and how can you not love that name?

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Battleship (May 18th)- Alright, this one looks way too Transformers-like for my personal taste, but I have to admit that it also looks like a whole hell of a lot of action packed fun. If it delivers on the awesome eye candy, I'll be happy. Could it suck? Sure. Will we see it anyway? Yes. THC'er Machine will make me. I don't like to piss him off. He creepy.

Chernobyl Diaries (May 25th)- The whole Found Footage thing is starting to make us cringe lately. Still, Oren Peli has a decent track record with FF flicks, and the trailer looked interesting... here's to hoping that it gives us a good horror fix and not the fits.

Lovely Molly (May 18th)- This movie could be a sleeper hit in the making. It looks creepy as shit, and looks as if it mixes traditional film with some POV action... as long as it doesn't end with the much reviled "it was all in her head!" twist, it could be satisfying. Hell, it could even be more than that.

geek low

Dark Shadows (May 11th)- We're sure plenty of people will flock to this one, but not us. We were hoping Tim Burton would go the way of Sleepy Hollow with this one, but alas, it seems as if he's decided that a fish out of water comedy fits the material better. The trailer actually made us cringe. If we were to meet Tim Burton, we'd dare him to make an original movie for a change, instead of churning out remakes and re-telling's. even as good as some of them have been. Dark Shadows is just nothing that excites us.

Men in Black 3 (May 25th)- Part one was fun, but after we saw part two we realized that we just aren't a part of the demographic that appreciates these types of flicks. We also realized that WIll Smith kind of sucks. Name the last really good movie he was in. Not successful, mind you, but really good. Bad Boys I & II were funny as hell, Enemy of the State was fun, Ali was decent, I,Robot we loved, I am Legend was good (except for the awful CGI creatures), Hancock was decent, and Seven Pounds was good even if it was depressing... The Independence Day's, Wild, Wild West's and MIB's of the world though, just aren't our thing. Really, neither is Will Smith.

June is next.

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