May 8, 2012

DVD Releases for May 8th

This week there are only two must see movies, but at least they're really good ones. First off we have Darren Lynn Bousman's remake of Mother's Day, which is a solid flick with an incredible lead performance by Rebecca DeMornay. You really should see this flick. The Shrine was on our Best of List last year, and for good reason; it was creepy as hell and worked on just about every level. For us, it's a must own.

Underworld: Awakening was decent for what it was, and if you liked the previous three movies in the series, you'll probably like it too. 42nd Street Forever: Blu-ray Edition looks pretty awesome, mainly because watching a bunch of old Grindhouse trailers on Blu-ray is something we'd totally do. The Shock Labyrinth also has us curious, as we loved the trailers we've seen thus far.

It's hard to decide which movie should be avoided more this week, Playback or Psychotica. Playback at least works on one or two levels, while Psychotica annoyed us so much that we didn't even bother reviewing it. The safe bet? Avoid them both.

The rest are all various levels of a crap shoot, so we're most likely not going to see many of them. By all means though, if you've seen any of them and thought they were worth a look, let us know and we may take a chance.


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