May 1, 2012

DVD Releases for May 1st

We usually post these at the beginning of the release day as opposed to the end, but better late than never, I suppose.

There are a lot of interesting flicks coming out on DVD today, and even a few must own titles.

This week's best bets are more plentiful than usual. Say what you will, but that Darkness/Phantoms/Venom three-pack looks all kinds of fun. All three flicks were decent to good, and we all know Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms! Gremlins 2 is an old school sentimental fave, and we need it on Blu-ray. Haywire was pretty fun for an action flick with Soderbergh at the helm. Snow White: A Tale of Terror is our personal fave of the week... we remember watching that one back in the day, and it was creepy and effective. That one, we will own. We aren't the biggest Herschel Gordon Lewis fans, but we definitely respect his work, and that "Gore" double feature should be a pretty good disc for his fans. Finally, we haven't seen Visible Scars, but have wanted to for quite some time; it could end up hurting, but we're willing to give it a go.

The ?'s of the week begin with the Rest Stop three-pack; They weren't our favorite movies and we wouldn't own them, but some of you might dig that Blu-ray in your collection. Brides of Sodom... will probably be a z-grade crap fest. Carl looks interesting, and we may check it out, but we are wary. As for the Mimic 3 film set, we loved the first one, yet the sequels did not earn the same love from us. Do we buy a 3 movie set for the sake of one film? Probably not.

The week's worst bet is 1313: Bermuda Triangle... The 1313 series is essentially like Twilight-esque eye candy and melodrama for gay guys, and it's just not our thing. Homo-eroticism aside, the movies are just cheap which makes them even more not our thing. We could live with some gay shenanigans if the movies themselves were good, but they really aren't. What are you gonna do, you know?



  1. Where did you find "Brides of Sodom" on DVD?

  2. I didn't personally "Find" it, but it was listed on Amazon.

    Do they not have it listed anymore?

    Movie Release dates change all the time, and it's possible that it was pulled from the release slate, or that they had it wrong to begin with.

    Happens all the time.