May 11, 2012

2012 Summer Movie Preview– August


August certainly is the most jam-packed month of the summer for genre movies, specially horror flicks. In recent years, August went from being the month where misfit summer flicks were kinda dumped, to being  a month where a bunch of great releases could be found. The summer of 2012 looks as if it will most definitely end with quite a bang and perhaps even some thunderous applause.

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The Bourne Legacy (August 3rd)- Jeremy Renner is on fire. Ever since The Hurt Locker, he's been in The Town, Mission Impossible, The Avengers, and now he's the new Bourne candidate... the guy is dramatic action star of today and tomorrow. As good as Matt Damon was as Jason Bourne, Renner is going to make this franchise his bitch, and blow us all through the back of the theater while doing so. This movie is going to rock.

The Expendables 2 (August 17th)- This movie is pretty much an action fans wet dream, adding Chuck Norris and JC Van Damme to an already great cast of tough guys. They're even going to let Bruce WIllis and Arnold come out and play this time.. Action flicks really don't get any more crazy cool than this.

As far as [REC] 3: Genesis and V/H/S go, we include them here not only because they are two highly touted and much anticipated horror releases for the year, but because they are getting VOD releases in August. They aren't hitting theaters until September and October (respectively), but fuck it, we're rebels.

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The Possession (August 31st)- Originally called The Dibbuk Box, this movie has been shelved for the last year or so. That is usually not a good sign for a horror movie, but then again Trick r Treat, Paranormal Activity and Cabin in the Woods were all shelved for lengthy periods, and they all turned out to be great... we can only hope this one ends up being half as good as those. We'll see it, we're just not getting over excited about it.

The Victim (August 10th)- Sure it's a low budget, limited release horror flick, but it's Michael Biehn we're talking about here. They guy is just awesome. I mean, he shows up on set for the first day of shooting and he's buck naked... all to break the ice with his fellow cast and crew. How do you not love that? He was inspired to make a Grindhouse style flick by Robert Rodriguez, and this is what he came up with. We will most def be seeing this one asap.

There's also The Apparition and Hit and Run coming out in August, but they don't even have posters yet, so we aren't going to talk about them. Ha.

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Total Recall (August 3rd)- We love Colin Farrell, and we most definitely love Kate Beckinsale, but this movie does absolutely nothing for us. The trailer looks fine, but... we really can't put a finger on why we have no desire to see this. We will, I'm sure, but we're not in a huge hurry to do so. Watch, it'll be an awesome flick and we'll feel like idiots for not wanting to see it... happens all the time.

Paranorman (August 17th)- Just like with Brave, this movie looks great, but kiddie flicks just don't tend to get us very stoked.

The Awakening (August 10th)- As much as we like Rebecca Hall and Dominic West, this movie looks as if it's a bit of a bore. A haunted period piece, if you will. We will wait for the DVD on this one.

 ...and that's that... until the fall preview, off course.

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