May 15, 2012

DVD Releases for May 15th

Without a doubt the two Miramax Tarantino Collections are the best bet this week. We already own all of those movies, but for those who don't, it's a good and cheap way to get some great flicks on Blu-ray. The Grey is also a must see/own. Liam Neeson vs. nature and a pack of Wolves is just too great to pass up. Chronicle was a decent POV style flick, and deserves a look too. Mortuary is a great old school classic if you're in that "80's Horror" kind of mood. Rampart was a great bad cop flick and worth seeing for Woody Harrelson's performance alone.

We've been curious about Descendants since seeing its trailer a few years back. Fever Night we have no clue about.

The Devil Inside is the worst bet of the week. For us, it was an uninspired Found Footage mess that packed little int he way of scares and just left us shaking our heads.


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