May 9, 2012

2012 Summer Movie Preview- June


June is a rather thin month at the theater for horror and genre fans. As sparse as the releases may be however, there are a few goodies in the bunch, including one of the most anticipated movies in decades.

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Prometheus (June 8th)- Fans have been dreaming of another Ridley Scott Alien movie pretty much since he gave us the original way back in 1979... and now their wish has come true. A prequel to one of the biggest and most storied franchises in movie history, Prometheus looks as if it's going to be amazing. You really can't go wrong with a Ridley Scott film (Robin Hood aside), and the cast isn't too shabby either. The one bad thing we've heard about Prometheus is that because the story mirrors At the Mountains of Madness to some degree, Guillermo Del Toro may never get to see his dream Lovecraft project come to life, and that's a shame. If Prometheus approaches the subject matter of ATMOM however, it just makes it all the more sweet for us. Along with Avengers and TDKR, Prometheus is the hottest ticket of the summer for us.

Piranha 3DD (June 1st)- Say what you will about Alexandre Aja's 2010 Piranha remake, but it was tons of bloody fun. From what we've seen and heard so far, the sequel looks to be just as fun, but with more boobs... so... it's a no-brainer for us. We need some light, crazy, boob-filled carnage to break up all of the heavy and dark drama of the other summer flicks. Can't wait for this one.

Snow White & the Huntsman (June 1st)-The trailers for this have looked nothing short of amazing, and as hesitant as we are to put our faith in this seemingly Twihard-friendly flick, we just cant help it. I mean, it's got Thor in it, and Charlize Theron taking a milk bath, and that mirror... it just looks visually stunning. The whole thing, not just the mirror. Let's hope it delivers on the high level that we're expecting it to.

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation (June 29th)- The Rock. That's the only reason we're kind of excited to see this movie... well, that and the fact that Stephen Sommers isn't returning to direct; his 2009 G.I. Joe movie was laughably bad. The Rock is as charismatic and bad-ass as it gets in Hollywood these days though, and he could possibly make this movie fun all by his lonesome. The trailers looked pretty fun too. We're keeping our fingers crossed on this one.

Apartment 143 (June 1st)- We've seen it and reviewed it, and thought it to be average. Still, it could be some scary summer fun for horror fans, and it's nice to see it getting a limited release.

The Loved Ones (June 1st)- We saw and reviewed this one way back in 2010, and we really dug it. It's another horror flick that's only getting a limited release, but considering that it's 3 years old and an Aussie export, horror fans are lucky to even see it in limited release here in the states. If you're down for a twisted "schoolgirl gone wrong" type of flick that involves a creepy prom and some outback incest, then get your butts to the theater and check it out if it's anywhere near you on June 1st.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (June 22nd)- We could be wrong and it could be all sorts of silly fun, but the trailers for this one just left us cold. It seems a bit of a cheesy stretch for us, and that's really saying something. It seems to be more of a direct to DVD release type of movie, and that's exactly when we will brave it... On DVD. Maybe.

Brave (June 22nd)- Pixar is awesome, their movies are awesome, but we just have no interest in them. It's just a personal thing. Despite our disinterest, Brave should please millions and rake in the cash when it hits theaters in June. We include it here because it does have a fantasy element about it, and plenty of our readers definitely be down for seeing it. We hope you love it.

July is next.

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