May 22, 2012

DVD Releases for May 22nd

There are a ton of releases this week, and most of them are definitely in the crap shoot end of the pool.

This weeks best bets are The Woman in Black and Sherlock, which are both British productions... go figure. The Woman in Black is an great throwback to the Hammer haunted house pictures of old, and is destined to be one of the years best when all is said and done. As for Sherlock, it's a pretty fantastic TV series, and if you haven't seen it, you need to seek out seasons 1 and 2 and do so asap. You'll be happy you did. is. Perfect Sense was decent too, though it was more on the drama side of things. Still, something about Eva Green's tits trying to survive a viral plague is just good in our books.

This week's worst bet is The River. We weren't very impressed with the show from the start, but even if we had loved it we couldn't say that buying this DVD would be something we would do... basically because ABC cancelled the show, so buying the seven episode first (and only) season seems like a tease to us. In all fairness though, we didn't watch the series/season finale, and we did hear that it delivered fairly well and ended "perfectly" if the show was indeed cancelled. Despite our disdain for the show, we know that lots of peeps out there will still want to pick it up on DVD. Also, Metal Tornado and Mutant Girls Squad can suck it too; we went there with both movies, and are still wondering why.

As for all of the rest of the releases below, well, they all look to be a roll of the dice.No doubt we'll see some of them and be worse off for it, but hey, maybe Deadly Detour will rock.




  1. Thanks for this wonderful dvd post, full of ideas. This will benefit all if these things are applied correctly.

  2. I have read the books of Sherlock but i never watched the series. I want to order one DVD for me. Can i buy it online now ?

  3. Yes you can, LA. I know for sure it's available on Amazon.

    It's a really good show, but keep in mind that each "season" is only three ep's long. Each one is 60-90 minutes long, but it's definitely a short season compared to what we here in the U.S. are used to.