May 1, 2012

R.I.P. Wayne Ronald Congdon

That name may not mean much to you, our loyal horror friends, but to us here at THC it means more than words can adequately convey.

Wayne Congdon was the father of one of our very own. His son, Adam, is an important part of our family, and last Friday, he lost the most important part of his. Wayne died suddenly, leaving his loved ones in shock and sorrow, most of which probably hasn't even set in yet.

Everyone around the world says something like "he's the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet" about someone in their lives from time to time. I'm sure they mean it, and I'm sure it's true. When I say Adam is one of the greatest guys anyone could ever hope to meet, I'm not exaggerating. Warm, kind, and always there for anyone who needs him, Adam is the genuine article, and it's our privilege to have him in our lives.

Adam would say the same thing about his father, and he wouldn't be exaggerating either.

The THC family will send Wayne Congdon off today, see him buried, and do our best to toast his memory. We will do our best to support his loved ones and ours, and hope that we at least do a passable job. We will laugh and cry, raise our glasses and do our best to show a great man our meager version of respect.

I really would like to think he'll be somewhere looking in on us, watching over us, and silently joining in.
Somehow, I know that he will be.

I've always thought of this song as one that tells the story of a loved one who has passed on, looking in on the ones they left behind. It's truly beautiful and comforting, even though it does tug at the heartstrings. Today, Two versions feel appropriate. They're both great.


  1. This is so sad :(( my sincerest condolences.

  2. I tip my hat and raise my glass.Sorry for your loss guys.

  3. Did not expect to see this at all on my morning visit.

    The death of a loved one, is a horrible ordeal, which although we seemingly ridicule as fans of horror films, remains a sad fact of life.

    I'm terribly sorry for your loss, I know it hurts, but I also know that you have to let it hurt until the sting subsides.

    It's a rough ride, but it's necessary, take care.

  4. We lose so many dear and great people. Most go unsung by society. They are our heroes though & we miss them & keep them in our hearts and thoughts.
    Courage to you friend & sincere best wishes.