May 28, 2012

Horror Hotties: The Girls of Cabin in the Woods

*Note: This was one of the posts that got lost in what we're calling "The great Blogger new-interface scandal of 2012." We had to redo a bunch of posts from scratch, and so here's one of them.

Cabin in the Woods was not only one of the most entertaining flicks we've seen this year, but it was definitely one of the most visually appealing flicks we've seen in a long time. Bloody, nasty, crazy and just mind-blowingly "out there" in parts, what this movie offered us was a visual feast of Horror goodness; not least of which were the hot chicks that were on parade.

"Um, excuse me?"
First up is the naughtiest of the Cabin girls, Anna Hutchison. Not only does she do some sexy dancing and sashaying around, but she shows her boobies and straddles a guy, ready to make some bacon. Her defining moment though was what might be one of the strangest "hot" scenes I can ever recall, in which she seductively kisses and licks a wolf's head that is mounted on a wall... it's too odd to explain, you really have to see it for yourself. If you like saucy blondes though, this girl is most def for you.

The hot Kiwi was also a Power Ranger, which isn't necessarily hot, but somehow seems relevant?

Next up is Amy Acker (or Fred, as her die hard fans call her.) She's been starring in geeky Fanboy shows and movies for years now, and she's most definitely a banger. She doesn't get very sexy in Cabin, but it was still nice to see her manipulating people's lives in a cold and calculating way... hey, we find women of power to be really hot. What do you want from us?

Joss Whedon really likes his strong, bad-ass, and mean female characters, doesn't he?

Finally, we have our Final Girl, Kristen Connolly. She's the "good girl/prude" in the movie, and it's really hard to find reasonably sexy pics of her online, but she's still a cutie who deserves a mention. Maybe it's the way she teased in Cabin that made her so hot.

She has some pretty hypnotizing eyes, and she can scream and look terrified pretty well, so it's really all a wash.

We can only hope that the DVD offers us some extra material featuring more of these bad girls, like maybe an extended group shower scene, or a crazy wolf's head triple kiss or something... or maybe we'll get those scenes in a sequel! Probably not, but we aren't against the idea.

Thank you, Girls of The Cabin in the Woods, for making April a little bit hotter. Maybe next time, lose the clothes though, alrighty? Alrighty.


  1. "Lose the shirt, you'll crawl faster!"

    I'd heard the same rumour. :)