April 3, 2012

DVD Releases for April 3rd

Another Tuesday, and another crop of DVD's hit the shelves.

The clear favorite amongst this week's releases has got to be the Bava/Argento collaboration, Demons. If you have never seen this movie, shame on you. It's pure 80's Italian horror fun, as only they could do it back then. It kind of plays like the Infected/Zombie movies of today do, only instead of the virally infected, it's theatergoers possessed by demons that cause the havoc. It's bloody good fun, and you should at least rent if not own a copy.

As for the rest of this weeks movies: crap shoot.

Enter Nowhere looks like it could be redeemable, and we have to admit that the trailer for Hellacious Acres boasting that the movie contains "lots, and lots, and lots of walking" amused us enough to make us want to give it a chance. Midnight Disease and Alien Opponent look pretty bad.

Finally, Carnival of Fear is the one we advise you to steer clear of this week. We reviewed this movie back when it was called Closed for the Season (Review Here), and we see no reason how the dreadful flick could have possibly improved since then. Trust us, just skip it.

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