April 10, 2012

DVD Releases for April 10th

Here we have another rather weak week of DVD releases.

Demons 2 and Night Gallery are full of old school goodness. As for the rest though...

Caught Inside and The Terror Experiment could go either way, so we're reserving judgement until we get our hands on them.

Trippin' looks like a hot mess. We're not going to bother with that one for now, because it just gives us that bad feeling...

Speaking of bad feelings, The Darkest Hour gave us a bad feeling back in December when it hit theaters, and for good reason; it was awful.We held out hope that it might just be one of those sleeper Sci-fi/Horror hybrid flicks that would turn out to be far better than we though it would end up being. It was awful. Skip it and send us the money you'd waste on the rental or purchase, we're far more entertaining.

Scary, I know.

cademdhngterBOOK OF LORE studio shoot 
Erin Russ (Image 008)

Ektachrome 64T (Tungsten)
Shanghai Seagull 4A-105 camera

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