April 17, 2012

DVD Releases for April 17th

Talk about a crazy amount of DVD releases to choose from, this week is busier than Lindsay Lohan's HJ schedule. That's pretty busy.

This weeks best bets are The Divide and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, both of which were good in their own way; Cassadaga which looks really good, although it's only being released in the U.K. for now; and Maniac Cop and Halloween: Resurrection, which are 2 classic re-releases which are both worth at least seeing if not owning.

This weeks ?'s are 7 Below, Hell's Labyrinth, The Asphyx, The Survivor, and Break... none of which we've seen, but at least look interesting.

This week's worst bets are Episode 50 and Robotropolis. We've seen and reviewed Episode 50 and weren't big fans. Robotropolis... well lets just say the trailer didn't do much to pique our interest.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I love your blog! Your reviews are quite entertaining. Not enough people doing this sort of work out there, so kudos!

  2. Thanks, Just. We try to keep it fun and creepy... and at times, inappropriate :)