April 24, 2012

DVD Releases for April 24th

This week's best bets begin with Contraband, which was decent enough if you like the average Mark Wahlberg flick; The Inkeepers which despite its ending, we truly loved; and The Theatre Bizarre, which was interesting and... bizarre.

This week's ?'s are Fetish Dolls Die Laughing, The Fields, Indemnity, Hellcats, Killer Nun, Ms. Cannibal Holocaust and Wreckage, none of which we've seen.If we had to blind buy one or two of these unknowns, it would be The Fields and Karate Girl; The Fields looks as if it could be good, and there can never be enough Japanese schoolgirls doing karate in our book.

This week's worst bet is The Wicker Tree, which was a big disappointment to us.



  1. The Wicker Tree was awful but at least it had two cats in it.

  2. From this list this is my favorite that i consider to buy: Contraband, The Inkeepers, Indemnity and maybe The Wicker Tree.