April 1, 2012

Insight (2012)

(aka 90 Minutes of Natalie Zea)
Release Date: On DVD Now.
Written by: Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre.
Directed by: Richard Gabai.
Starring: Natalie Zea, Sean Patrick Flannery, Adam Baldwin, Christopher Lloyd and Angeline-Rose Troy.

As huge fans of the FX Southern Cop Drama masterpiece, Justified, we here at THC are duty-bound to watch anything starring any of the show's stars. So when we found this little movie starring Natalie Zea, we were all like "Oooo." The we watched it and we were all like "Oh..."

Still, she's truly a saucy little ticket that made this movie at least palatable.
I'm pretty sure she could make most anything palatable.
Insight (or In/Sight as the poster would have you believe) is the story of Kaitlyn (Zea); a sassy, sexy, dirty little ER Nurse who may just be a slut. Of course, that's just our take on her character, we could be wrong.

While trying to save the life of a young girl who got stabbed the eff up, she is knocked for a loop by the defibrillator. She apparently did not listen when someone yelled "Clear!" It's not long before she begins to "see" the stabbed girl's memories, which include snippets of her life and murder.

Even dead, she's still sexy enough to do.
No one believes her crazy rantings of course, everyone thinking her just "a bit off" because she rode the lightning to the tune of around 1000 volts. So, it's a race against time, and possibly her sanity, to make sense of these crazy head movies she's experiencing, and to try to solve the crime. At least she has the help of a suave Detective, whose "lighting" she also rides. See, we knew she was a slut!

Insight is a decent little movie that was better than we expected it to be, and certainly better than most Direct-to-DVD efforts. Natalie Zea does a great job carrying the film, and her supporting cast does a great job helping her along. It's a tightly-paced, clever little movie that despite using the obligatory OMG! type of twist at the end, works fairly well.

The movie's hook lies in whether Kaitlyn really can see these creepy visions or if she's just gone bat-shit crazy. No matter how it turns out in the end, being electrocuted kinda made her wonky in the brain either way, didn't it? Good wonky vs. bad wonky, that's really the crux of the issue.

"Go back to the future, they said. Trust Michael J. Fox, they said. Well, I've seen things, bitch! Things that would curl your sexy little toes!" Don't ask.
Oh, it's this movie again. These "Is it really happening or is it all in her head?" types of movies really need to be their own sub-genre, because they seem to happen way to frequently. We're all for a good Mystery/Thriller around these parts, but the formula just gets old and bland after a while. There's as much to be said for playing it straight as there is for keeping your audience guessing... I guess we're just tired of getting the old switcheroo at the end of every movie we see lately. In all fairness, the ending to this movie was pretty decent, but still, the "twist" thing is done far too much these days.

This is not necessarily a spoiler for the aforementioned "twist." Then again, it's not necessarily not one either...
There's not too much of the bloody business to be had here. It's really more of a thinker than a visual stunner, in an almost TV movie of the week sort of way.

There's a sex scene with implied nakedness, but no true naughty bits. Natalie Zea might be a prude. Then again, she was no prude in Californication...

Naked in Californication. David Duchovny gets all the chicks!
When someone yells "Clear!," you best damn well get clear! Also, hot chicks always end up crazy in the end. Even if they really aren't.

Insight is an above average Mystery/Thriller which manages to maintain some decent suspense throughout. It's a slow mover, focusing more on performances than set or action pieces, but it was a nice change of pace. If you like your movies of the brainier side of the fence, you'll like this one.


Natalie Zea is a sexy sass-box and a pretty good actress to boot. We love her delicious acting skills, and admire her body. Of work, of course.


  1. What an interesting, fascinatingly beautiful woman. But what a boring, dumbingly dull film.

  2. Yeah, we were into it mainly for Natalie Zea. We can't argue that it wasn't on the boring side of things.