April 18, 2012

Nicolas Winding Refn is makin a Maniac Cop Prequel!

*We know this is the poster for Maniac Cop Part 4 or whatever, but it's more dynamic than the original,. so shush.
Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn, the man who gave us last year's superb Drive, is making a prequel to Maniac Cop. Now, if you haven't seen Drive, you need to go grab a copy and make it happen now. If it wasn't for I Saw the Devil and The Help, Drive would have far and away been our most beloved movie of 2011. It's just an amazing piece of film making.

After you watch Drive -which you're going to do right now, remember?- imagine the man who created that ethereal, brutally beautiful film, behind the camera on a horror flick such as Maniac Cop... if that prospect doesn't excite you then you're already dead, so R.I.P. lame ass.

Refn is only producing the movie at this point, but rumors are swirling that he may direct. As true horror geeks, we certainly hope he does.

And for the record, we think Ryan Gosling should be the Maniac Cop. Why? Well let me tell you; he's bad ass, that's why. Not only does he randomly break up street fights with his muscles, but he saves innocent bystanders from being hit by cars, by fighting the cars. Not even joking. Peep this video, Ryan is the dude in the blue hat.

You're telling me he couldn't be a cop of the maniac variety? Ha!

Plus, he and Refn are already working on a new movie together, so he almost has to do it, because they are like creative soul-mates now. You watch, he's gonna be all like "That's a crazy idea, you Danish genius! I already patrol the streets of New York... let's do this!"

You watch.


  1. I haven't seen Drive - But I will! I swear! -

    But the idea of a new Maniac Cop fills me with joy. As a kid I loved that movie. Esp part 1 with Bruce Campbell.

  2. Do it Clarence! It's really a ... different kind of experience. Almost Ethereal in a way.

    I forgot Bruce was in that. He had a small role as a cop If I remember right...

  3. Loved all the films but surely Zdar isn't too old to reprise as the Maniac Cop? Gosling is way too srawny, he's not intimidating enough, maybe Tyler Mane would be better. I think Bruce Campbell could make a return as a different charecter since he was the main guy in number one but killed off in number two. He made the first film. Although this new movie news started in 2008 so like many others it'll probably never happen.

  4. WTF is this guy talking about??? Ryan is badass. Between Drive and Only God Forgives, 2 of the best movies in the last 10 years, he has more badass points than most 80's action movies.