April 6, 2012

Theatrical Releases for the Week of April 6th

What can horror fans expect to find in theaters this weekend? Not much I'm afraid, at least not for U.S. audiences.

Well, if you're in Finland, Norway, Austria, Germany or Iceland, you can catch Iron Sky. The rest of the world is just going to have to wait for that one. Shame too, because it looks ridiculously fun.

South Korean? Then you get to check out Doomsday Book. Again, the world at large must wait.

ATM gets a theatrical release this week, but unless you are interested in spending your money on something that's going to piss you off, we say skip it.

And then you have The Hunter, which is another limited release title, and it's not really horror. You could still could go see it though.

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  1. Iron Sky looks like fun, nazis from the moon - what larks!