April 27, 2012

Theatrical Trauma for the Week of April 27th

The end of April is nigh, and the beginning of the summer box office is right around the corner, which means that every week from now until the fall we'll be bombarded with big budgeted Hollywood movies. Hooray, right?

This week's best bet is definitely The Raven; The story of Edgar Allen Poe who is forced into a battle of wits with a serial killer. Alright, so the premise is a bit odd, but the trailer looked darkly promising, and John Cusack is the man. Plus, Alice Eve and her boobs are in it, so we're there.

Safe also looks good, because who doesn't want to see Jason Statham take on corrupt cops and evil triads all to save the life of a cute little Asian girl? It sounds enough like Man on Fire and Taken to get us to take our happy asses to the theater and watch it.

So two promising movies. Let's hope at least one of them is good.


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