April 2, 2012

The April Cheat Sheet: What we've seen.

April is here, and we'd like to take a quick minute to run down the month's upcoming releases that we've already had the (dis)pleasure of seeing. Coming soon on VOD, Theatrically, or on DVD, here's the skinny on a few flicks that we've been privy too, and that you may want to checkout or avoid.

*Click the pics of the movies we've reviewed for the full breakdown. For those we haven't reviewed, we'll give it a quick on the spot grade so you'll know what we thought.

(ATM REVIEWED) This is one movie that disappointed us. Aside from Alice Eve looking hot, it was a mess of a mess. Save your money. Grade: D

Not quite as horror thriller-ish as we thought it might be, The Hunter was a good flick none the less. If you're a Willem Dafoe fan, you might like it. It's definitely more in drama territory than horror though. Grade: B

(MOTH DIARIES REVIEWED) This was an odd little movie that we liked, but wish we'd liked more. It's definitely geared more toward a teen audience. Grade: C

(DEMONS REVIEWED) Now here are two 80's flicks that remind us of our troubled childhood. Directed by a Bava and written by an Argento, Demoni 1 & 2 are 80's style Italian horror flicks that deliver the goods, even if they are hardly perfect. Grade: B and C, respectively.

We thought the trailer for The Darkest Hour looked pretty interesting, but alas, the movie pretty much sucks. It had its good points, but when all was said and done, this was a shoddy movie that belonged on SYFY, not in theaters. Grade: D

(THE DIVIDE REVIEW FORTHCOMING) We loved a lot of things about this movie, but we're troubled by a few others. Overall, we liked it. We will discuss it more in the forthcoming review, but for now we will give it a Grade of B. That could change.

(EPISODE 50 REVIEWED) We were not fans of this one. It was flat, not scary at all, and failed as a found footage flick. It had potential, but didn't deliver. We didn't really grade it when we reviewed it, but if we had, it would be somewhere near this... Grade: D

(HIDDEN REVIEWED) One of the worst horror movies (or any type of movie) that we've seen in recent years. There was nothing redeemable about this junker. If you enjoy pain, feel free to check it out. Grade: DO NOT WANT.

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(INKEEPERS REVIEWED) We really like the latest Ti West offering, but wish it had given us a better ending. Still, it's definitely one worth checking out. Grade: B

(WICKER TREE REVIEWED) Barely passable. This is one sequel that really should never have been made. It contains nothing that made 1973's The Wicker Man so good. It's not good. Grade: D+

One of the coolest martial arts flicks of all time, Shogun Assassin is bloody, crazy and ridiculously quotable. Seriously, as old school chop-socky movies go, this one is aces. Must own. Grade: A

So there's the quick word on those flicks. Now we're of to check out the ones we haven't seen. Wish us luck.

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  1. I think The Darkest Hour was pretty nice. It certainly was better than its trailer, which is not something one can say about most sci-fi movies. Some ridiculous premises, but if you ignore those, the film was solid.