April 2, 2012

The April Cheat Sheet: What we really want to see.

We have them every month; flicks that either pique our interest, or that we are dying to see. Will they be good? That's always a crap shoot, isn't it? We hope they will, but chances are that some of them will not be what we'd hoped.

None the less, these are the April releases that stand out to us. This is just a quick peek at the month's "best" offerings, not an in-depth expose, mind you.

*Links for info on these movies can be found on the Release Date Page.


Apartment 143 (aka Emergo) looks like an interesting Found Footage-style flick, and it's got us curious. Of course, they all have us curious in the beginning, and then most of them kick us in the balls, laugh at us, and yell "Sucker!" as we ask ourselves why in the world we just watched them. Still, it looks good. The Corridor looks like a low budget movie that could go terribly wrong, but we're suckers for snowy settings. Now, God Bless America looks like it's going to be great; the idea of two people taking out the pop culture icons that dumb us all down is just as amazing as it is timely. As a metaphor of course.


Ghoul is a new original movie coming to the Dish Network's Chiller Channel, and it looks like it's going to be one to watch. Detention looks nuts, and I'm pretty sure we mean that in a good way. If  it goes as well as we think it will, it could end up being a cult hit. Cabin in the Woods looks to be the horror event of April; from what we've heard about it, it's a movie that will "re-define" the genre. We've heard that line before, but it looks great and everyone who has seen it is singing it's praises.This is our most wanted flick of the month.

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The trailer for The Raven looks all sorts of good, mixing the story of a serial killer in with the legend of real life writer Edgar Allen Poe. Plus, there's John Cusack and Alice Eve, so we're definitely there. The Director of Cassadaga not only directed Dread, one of our 10 best movies of 2010, but he produced another fave of ours, The Midnight Meat Train. Add to that a strong trailer involving a deaf girl who contacts the wrong spirit during a seance, and we are definitely interested in this one. Enter Nowhere could end up being bad, but we're suckers for Sara Paxton, so it's on our list.

So there we have it, our little snapshot of what we're looking forward to in April. We're keeping our fingers crossed that at least most of them deliver on the potential that they've shown us thus far.

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