April 20, 2009

Quick Review: Virus Undead (2008)

"An infection transmitted by diseased birds is causing corpses to reanimate in search of human flesh. As the army of the undead grows, a medical student and his friends find themselves surrounded by zombies, with nowhere to run."

As someone of German heritage, it pains me to bash a movie made in The Hinterland, but this one was just horribly bad. Maybe they should have stuck to filming it in German as opposed to English, as most of it came of really cheesy and awkward. I guess the best way to describe the movie is that it's a really weak version of 28 Days Later? Bad, bad, bad. What the hell just happened?

Avian Zombie Flu?
  • Evil birds? What?
  • Did they plan on the opening credits sequence to be a rip off of 2004's Dawn of the Dead?
  • It takes about 42 minutes for anything to happen. Then, nothing really good happens.
  • The Wilhelm Scream was at least fun.

Yeah, that was pretty much us while watching this movie.
If you're looking for a good zombie/infected flick to get your blood going and entertain you, keep looking.

Anna Breuer is one sexy madchen.

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