April 3, 2009

Fearnet gets axed, fans asked to fight back!

Fearnet, while not perfect, is a cool as hell service that gives fans a variety of horror flicks/programming each month, for free. Via their website, they announced the following, which makes me mad and sad at the same time: "To all FEARnet fans who subscribe to Time Warner or Bright House Cable -- Time Warner and Bright House have dropped FEARnet from your cable line-up. They have eliminated your on-demand access to horror, thriller and suspense movies 24/7. If you want to once again see FEARnet on your cable system, your cable operator needs to hear from you. Call 1-877-FEAR-247, we'll connect you with your cable operator and you can let them know you want FEARnet (And be aware that for some customers, FEARnet is available on AT&T U-Verse and Verizon Fios)." If you subscribe to these cable companies, call the above number and demand horror justice! Hell, get your friends and family to call too. Long live horror!


  1. WTF?? I knew it was too good to be true - I always wondered how such a service existed for free. Sigh.

    I will go make the call...

  2. Yeah. I guess it's owned by Comcast, so other cable companies treat it like a jerk...

  3. need help finding the name of a movie, it's about a father and son who move into a haunted house and it was made in the 80's i believe. there are monsters who try to get him to leave but he stays and fights them. it's a few funny parts in there as well. please help if u can.

  4. Wow Dante, that's a tough one... Off of the top of my head House (1986) sounds close, but the kid goes missing in that one.

    Anyone else have an idea?