April 5, 2009

April- Week 1; The week in "Do Not Want!"

We've seen them, we don't want to waste time reviewing them, we advise you to skip them.

Shuttle- Shittle.  
The Spirit- I know it's not Horror, but this may be worse than Ishtar. In fact it is.  
The Chilling (1989)- Linda Blair and Grizzly Adams in a Mst3k bad movie... hilariously bad.
Bad Biology- A love story between a killer vagina and a mutant penis? This movie is horrendous. You may want to watch it just to see how truly bad it is.
Cthulhu- Not only did this movie suck at representing the work of HP Lovecraft, but the producers made the main character gay to show how horrific it is to be gay in a small town? Keep your politics out of Horror please.

Bewildered Girl asks, "What is the meaning of this shit?!?"

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