March 27, 2009

DVD Review: Dead Snow (2009)

Sub-Genre- Zombie
Cast Members of Note- Jenny Skavlan, Lasse Valdal, and a bunch of other Norway people.

A bunch of Nord college kids on Easter Break head into the mountains for some tubing, sex, drinking, and whatever else you do for fun in Norway. On their first night in the death cabin that they've rented, a creepy old dude comes along and tell them that the mountains are crawling with the evil essence of dead Nazi soldiers, and they laugh at him. In return, he tells them their coffee sucks, and he goes camping.

He does not have a good camping trip.
Soon enough, Nazi Zombies show up and start wreaking havoc on the poor students, forcing them to fight back, run, or die... and in some cases, all three. They are forced to split up for various reasons, and have to resort to some pretty drastic measures to survive; bashing birds to death against trees, sewing their own neck wounds shut, using a snowmobile as a face-sander, and even using the ancient art of Gymkata to beat back the Nazi undead.

I won't spoil any more for you here, because things get pretty crazy, but suffice it to say that the Nazi's want more than just human flesh, and we may just have a Final Guy on our hands instead of a Final Girl for a change. The Norwegians are quite progressive like that.

Does Jackie Earle Haley live? He just might!
I love this f'ing movie, and I can't remember having this much fun watching a Horror flick in a long time. Its tongue-in-cheek nature is reminiscent of other Horror Comedies such as Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, or Shaun of the Dead in a way, because it mixes humor and Horror so well. Everything here is over the top; from the foot-stomping at the edge of the cliff, to the Zombie wake up call scene, this movie is almost melodramatic in its mechanics, but it still works well without insulting our intelligence. A machine gun mounted on a snowmobile? Count me in!

It's not a perfect movie, but what it does well, it does really well. The story and concept were great, I liked the characters, the setting was gorgeous, the Zombies were bad-ass, the humor was well placed and effective, the gore was over the top and plentiful... aside from the always ill-advised use of CGI in some places, i don't actually have much to bitch about here.

You just can't keep a good bad Reich down.
Outhouse sex. I'm all for watching some crazy aardvarking in a movie, but right after you drop a deuce in the latrine? I mean the guy just wiped, and here comes the hot chick bursting in, straddling him, licking his fingers (WTF?!?), and going to town... did she not notice the smell?

"Can you smell my love?"
I'm not a big fan of CGI in Horror movies at all; it always makes me cringe a bit when I see digital blood being sprayed everywhere, because a vast majority of the time it looks completely fake, and takes us right out of the movie. Maybe I'm nitpicking here, but I'll take Karo Syrup and red food coloring any day of the week.

Everything else made up for the CGI blood though.
This movie reminded me a lot of Dead Alive in the gore department; because once it started, it was insanely over the top. Great stuff.

No, but we do get Jenny Skavlan in a bra, and that was pretty damn nice.

We almost got to see those...
"Ok." In context, that line made me laugh out loud.

Norwegians speak English very well, and rather clearly. Also, Zombies are very materialistic.

I ain't sayin' that they gold diggers...
This movie frigging rocked, and it's destined to become a Cult Classic in years to come, if it isn't already. Tommy Wirkola has given us a movie that is fun, bloody, interesting, visually breathtaking, fun, and bloody. And fun. And bloody. See this one as soon as you can, because we can not stress enough just how bloody and fun it truly is!


Dead Snow is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.

Norwegian chicks are hot.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing this, can't wait actually.

  2. been hearing excellent things, but based on the review how could anyone NOT want to see it??

  3. It really was just fun as hell to watch... I can't wait to see it on a big screen in June.

  4. I want to see this movie so badly.

  5. This movie never found its tone.

    The gags were excellent, the effects well done, but the film was so uneven. The script is dry, obvious, and boring too. The worst thing about it: it seems a pastiche of American horror pictures most of the time--when audiences are just too sophisticated for it, and when it can't maintain its seriousness it flops into Evil Dead 2 slapstick. It is at best a loveletter from young filmmakers to their favorite horror directors, and at worst a straight-to-video creature feature. Yeah, "nazi zombies" are an exciting idea, but once you get past how good they look, they lack any substance.

  6. Seriously, after I watched this, I felt like I was really fooled. The high expectations I had after reading so many glorifying reviews just couldn't be met. Except for the uniforms and, maybe, the snow, what other things could make this movie really stand out? Well, sorry to say it, but for me, I found nothing new!

  7. im 14 years old and ive seen this movie yesterday but i wasnt scared
    this isnt horror
    they have to make an better movie to make me scared
    this is pathetic
    an horror movie who cant make an 14 years old child scared
    this is comedy
    behind an army of zombies rushing with a chainsaw and a sledgehammer is funny

  8. KLJ, I think it was supposed to be funny more than scary. It was fun though, right?

    I think it's awesome though that you're 14 and you don't scare easily. Keep watching movies, and I hope you find something that scares you soon :)


  10. Touche, Anon. that WAS NOT the type of Aardvarking I meant. Around here, that word is thrown around in different context.

    There was no Aardvarking like that in the movie.

    Nor would I do it in an outhouse. LOL