March 21, 2009

Review: From Within (2009)

Another of the 8 films to die for, this one wasn't quite as good as Dying Breed...
Cast Members of Note- The adorable Elizabeth Rice, the usually funny Adam Goldberg, and ole' square-jaw herself, Rumer Willis.

The film begins with Rumer Willis and her boyfriend laying on a hill, making out and being Goth together when out of nowhere, the guy starts to chant some creepy evil sounding prayer, pulls out a gun and tells her "I can't take your chin anymore!" and blows his head off. OMG, that's like, sooooo Emo.

Go write a poem about it. Also, maybe grab a shower.
She runs back to town, all covered in blood and brains, screaming that someone is after her; that someone turns out to be her, and she proceeds to stalk herself, scare herself, and eventually kill herself. Why was she out to get herself? Was it her chin that did her in? Just you wait and see!

"I'm after me!" Um... Say what now?
Soon, the "curse" spreads, and everyone in town has themselves chasing themselves and trying to kill themselves. Can sweet little Lindsay, with the help of another pretty Emo boy, figure out the mystery of the curse and save the town before it's too late? Will she too be chased by herself and want herself dead? Do Emo people even know what in the hell a hair brush is? I won't spoil what happens for you here, but suffice it to say no, yes, and obviously not.

"Me is here to kill yourself... are you scared of you?"
The concept of this movie was really interesting, and I thought it to be really well-made, the problem being that it wasn't very creepy at all. Sure, some of the scenes were tense, I suppose, but the concept of "yourself" coming to get you is not very terrifying. The doppelgangers did look pretty creepy, but that's about as far as the scare factor goes.

That being said, the movie was pretty disturbing in theme, had some good kills, and I absolutely loved the ending. I think that what the filmmakers did over the credits was a thing of beauty...

I love creepy eyes! (I guess that's why I post pictures of just creepy eyes once a month...)
The Redneck Christians in this movie were scarier than anything else. I never knew that Religion could drive people to kill. This movie lays the Anti-God theme on pretty thick, and at times seemed to border on preachy to me

Godless heathen!
With a rash of suicides plaguing a small town in such a short time-frame, why is everyone not in a total frigging panic? I guess God-fearing folk don't get upset by very much, especially an unrealistic script.

"Where is your God now?"
There's a little bit of gore to be had here, particularly impressive in the scissors scene. Other than that, nothing too over the top.

Well, I guess that's a spoiler...
Nothing! Why do so many Teen Horror movies tease us with shower scenes, and then deliver nothing?!? Can we get a boob, or just one butt cheek at least? Come on!

Look at those wasted potentials.
"That's like saying our Bible is just a book." Well...

Christian Fundamentalists have issues. Also, your Dad just might be secret-gay.

Christians do love their guns though!
This is a well-made movie, with a great concept, some good kill scenes, even more glaring plot holes, and not very many scares. It also preaches Anti-Religion pretty hard. Still, it's a decent flick that will do in a pinch on a boring Saturday night. Give it a rent.


From Within is available now on DVD and VOD.

Under the Dome's Britt Robertson, Margo Harshman, and Bruce's daughter Rumer Willis are in this.


  1. Rumor Willis is hot? Did you even look at the pictures you posted? She looks like a 14 year-old boy in drag.

    "Do Emo people even know what in the hell a brush is?"!!! Great line!


  2. I never had any interest in seeing this, but your review kind of piqued my interest. Might be worth a watch.

  3. I stand behind my Rumer Willis comment! She looked really good in The House Bunny. Don't

  4. This was surprisingly quite a good movie-

    Loved the "downbeat" ending-