March 3, 2009

Review: Babysitter Wanted (2009)

This one fell short for me, but I really liked some of what it gave me...
Cast Members of Note- Sarah Thompson, Bill Moseley, and Mrs. Voorhees herself (remake), Nana Visitor.

Cute little Christian girl Angie heads off to College, where she finds a skanky roommate lying in wait for her! You know they type; the angry at the world, pink-haired, multi-pierced, bong-loving slut/dirt bag that you'd sleep with, but never admit to? That's Her.

Naughty one on left.
To get out of the house and avoid the freak, she lands a babysitting gig 90 miles out in the country, watching the kid of Bruce Campbell's brother, Brock. Unfortunately for her, the guy that's been kidnapping cute College girls is now zeroing in on her, and follows her into the country with the intention of making her his next victim.

Yep, he followed her.
At this point, the movie unveils a MAJOR PLOT TWIST, that pretty much throws everything on it's ear. I can't say to much more or else it'll all be ruined for you, just suffice it to say that you won't see it coming... not fully, anyhow.

Brock Campbell, family man.
The opening scene sure set the mood, and despite the 250 music-induced jump scares that followed, the rest of the movie managed to maintain that mood for the most part. The two things that stand out in BW to me are the gore and the dark humor. It was oddly funny towards the middle and end, and the humor went right along with the goriest parts of the movie. There are some glaring plot holes that you have to ignore to enjoy this movie (such as a character finding a Satanic shrine and not finding it odd at all), but overall it was a pretty fun time.

Also, the acting was pretty good. Sarah Thompson was solid as our final girl Angie, and I was pulling for her the whole time (mainly because she's hot.) Also, I always love me some Bill Moseley, and he's always fun to watch when he shows up in little flicks like this.

The cuteness.
Why they didn't get Bruce Campbell for this movie I'll never know; the role of the father was tailor made for him, and the guy who actually played that role oozed Bruce for the duration of his performance.

I swear it's Bruce's brother!
What a surprise, another movie that uses music to tell you when something scary is happening. ...and the music is rising... Crescendo! Be scared! Seriously, why do film makers not get that using music for jump scares takes you right out of the mood? And it's even worse to use it every two seconds, even when the girl is just grabbing a coffee cup? UGH! Stop telling me when I should be scared, and use the mood properly and let be be scared on my own .

He's an artist.
Not a ton, but what we got was pretty crazy; hooks in ankles, foot and leg stabbing, a particularly nasty human flaying/bleeding scene, gun violence, axe violence, knife violence... this one delivers the goods.

The WTF bucket.
Nope, but we do get a few Hotties in their undies, though.

Like her.
"It has to be good, clean, wholesome female flesh" or "Hungry!"

Babysitters don't make anywhere near enough for what they go through. Also, helping people who live way out in the country is never a good idea.

She's probably fired after this.
This was an above average flick in some ways, and painfully average in others. Despite its flaws however, it's better than most Teen Horror movies that Hollywood churns out on a regular basis. Give it a look-see, as it's a pretty decent time.


Babysitter Wanted is available now on DVD.

Sarah Thompson has kissed Amy Adams before... so... she's double hot now.


  1. wow that does look like bruce campbell

  2. You should see him act... He absolutely reminds me of Bruce.