March 29, 2009

March- Week 4; The week in "Do Not Want!"

We've seen them, we don't want to waste time reviewing them, we advise you to skip them.

Dark Reel- Ugh. Cool looking killer, shit movie. Does Edward Furlong ever not suck?  
The Nightmare at the End of the Hall- Made for TV dreck... Lifetime Network style.
The Legend Trip- No. No, no, no.
While She Was Out- Kim Basinger in torture porn? Yay.  
The Devil's Ground- Is this a made for Sci-Fi movie? Lame twist warning!  
Baseline Killer- Another Uli Lommel gem... is he Uwe Boll's cousin?  
Bled- Not a bad effort, it just did absolutely nothing for me.

Nana says, "These movies make my goiter itch!"


  1. I remember when everybody was predicting Edward Furlong being the Next Big Thing. How the mighty fall.

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