March 27, 2009

Top 10 List: The Devil's 10!

If you're a Horror fan, you have to love The Devil. He's dapper, manipulative, shrewd, mean, and above all else, evil. Sometimes, he even looks like a whore. To show our love for The Lord of Darkness, we give you 10 awesome Movie/TV Devils that run the gamut from bad-ass, to hot, to funny.

Lucifer (The Prophecy)
It's a shame that Viggo Mortensen's Lucifer was only on-screen for such a short time in The Prophecy, because he was ridiculously bad-ass! We so wanted a showdown between him and Gabriel in that movie... but at least we got some cool lines, and wicked amount of tension from him.

"How I loved listening to your sweet prayers. Then you would hop into bed, afraid that I was hiding under it... and I was." That's some good stuff.

Liquid Satan (Prince of Darkness)
Sure, it was only really a mass of disgusting, swirling liquid in a sealed tube, but make no mistake about it, this was Satan! Or at least his essence. Same thing. Something about this swirling mass has always terrified us, and it helped make Prince of Darkness one of our favorite Horror flicks of the 80's. Plus, you get to see Satan's hand coming through a mirror towards the end, so, double Satan.

The Devil (Bedazzled)
Alright, Bedazzled really sucked, as do most Brendan Fraser movies, but good lord was Elizabeth Hurley playing The Devil a thing of beauty. Stripper, French Maid, Cheerleader, Naughty Schoolgirl... she became them all in the name of temptation, and we love her for it. (More pics of devilish Liz Hurley can be found HERE.)

Louis Cyphre (Angel Heart)
Louis Cyphre (Lucifer, get it?) was a smooth character. He played from the shadows, using people as pawns and eating symbolic eggs. Robert De Niro was about the only guy that could beat Mickey Rourke's ass in the 80's, and he downright schooled him in this movie. I dig the fingernails.

John Milton (The Devil's Advocate)
What a playful Devil Al Pacino made; even his name was a great in-joke to him (Paradise Lost.) He had threesomes, banged other people's wives, had billions of dollars... isn't that what being Satan is all about?

The Man/Satan (End of Days)
After seeing this movie, I actually believed that Gabriel Byrne was Satan. Unfortunately, I also believed that if I didn't stop him the world was doomed, and that landed me in jail. Yes, Satan apparently controls the Cops. You win this round, Byrne...

The Lord of Darkness (Legend)
Tim Curry rules in this movie. As if playing the best movie clown ever (Pennywise) wasn't enough,  Darkness might possibly be the coolest looking incarnation of Satan we've ever seen on-screen. I kept waiting for him to break into song and make out with Tom Cruise, but thankfully that didn't happen.

Satan (Constantine)
How can you not love the crazy energy of Peter Stormare? His version of Satan was pissed-off and vindictive as hell, and the way that he dealt with John Constantine at the end of the movie was brilliant... and mean-spirited. Excellent movie, excellent Satan.

Lucifer (Supernatural)
Mark Pellegrino is a vastly underrated actor, and his turn as Lucifer on Supernatural was a perfect fit for him. The guy had mad gravitas, going back to his days on LOST, and he made for an ideal TV Satan.

The Devil (The Devil and Daniel Webster)
The Devil has awesome boobs, and this movie is proof. We include her here because we're debased and shameful. Don't judge us.

There are plenty of other Movie & TV incarnations of The Devil that we didn't mention above, and so here are a few more of them.

The Demon (The Devil's Rock)
She may have only been a Demon, but this bitch from The Devil's Rock sure turned into a creature that looked like Satan, so we're throwing caution to the wind and including her here. I mean, if anyone was going to be helping the Nazi's during WWII, it was probably Satan himself, right? Herself. Whatever.

Old Scratch (Rock n' Roll Nightmare)
In quite possibly the worst movie ever made, Old Scratch does battle with John Triton; a he-man of a Rockstar wearing a studded thong and fetish outfit. He's really The Intercessor, which is basically a half-retarded Archangel of sorts... If you love bad movies, check out this link and prepare to die laughing.

Satan (South Park)
Satan is gay and in love with Saddam Hussein. Does anything else really need to be said?

El Diablo/Pitch (Santa Claus)
Satan vs. Santy Claus... now how can that idea be bad? This is a great MST3K style flick, and in fact it was the basis for one of their best episodes. A truly horrible film, Pitch will make you laugh and wonder why we're afraid of The Devil instead of bad movies. 

Bruce Campbell is just a Devil in general.

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