March 15, 2009

DVD Review: Cannibal Ferox (1981)

This one is great if you like laughing, or watching insane cannibal gore...
In Attendance- Me, Eryn, The VG, Cherie, and Nick.
Cast Members of Note- Giovanni Lombardo Radice, John Bartha, and a bunch of crazy native cannibals!

Everybody hates Mike. When the shady jerk hightails it from New York to Paraguay to escape both the Mob and the Cops, he discovers that a tribe of hungry cannibals pretty much wants to kill him too. How can you not like Mike? He has a cocaine necklace, he calls women by cute nicknames like "You Twat" and "You sweet-pussied little whore," he calls his best friend a pathetic loser on a regular basis, he kills indiscriminately... alright, I guess I can see why people want him dead.

"Shut up Twat. I'll fucking kill you and your sweet-pussied little whore friend, Bitch!" His words are almost lyrical.
Needless to say that Mike kills the wrong cannibals in the wrong deep jungle, and drags everyone he meets into a world of pain and random sex, but is it really his fault? I mean, he calls a chick a whore and a twat, and she agrees with him then they have sex. How does he pull it off? It's probably the cocaine necklace.

I won't say anything more about the plot here, because... well, it's a dam cannibal movie, and the plot isn't all that intricate... but suffice it to say that you don't want to watch this movie while eating dinner. Or after, even.

This sweet-pussied whore loves the cocaine.
Cannibal Ferox is a classic 80's Italian gore movie, that is heavy on the bad dubbing, ridiculous plot, poor acting, and gratuitously flowing blood (and in this case, entrails too.) If nothing else, this movie is a fun time, especially if you and your friends are sitting around drinking while watching it.

So intense!
What in the hell is a Ferox? A really scary fox? No, that would be Fear Fox... When I type in the word Ferox on Google, I get results for hedge funds, aloe plants, and it's also the Latin word for strong or courageous. "Cannibals Courageous?" I still don't understand.

"You understand nothing you stupid twat!"
Did the producers of this film have an animal violence fetish? Every other scene seemed to be an animal getting killed, slowly... either by each other or by humans. This movie must be on PETA's hit list.

I blame the cannibals.
That's all this movie is. Multiple acts of animal violence and cannibalism, this one has a bunch of old school gore if that's your thing. Honestly, if you don't have a strong stomach for excessive violence, you may have an issue getting through this one.

Plenty of boobs and butts, though some of the nakedness isn't very pleasant.

Not really hot at all.
"You hot-pussied little whore!" or "Hey, bitch, where's your stud?" LOL

Stay the hell out of the jungle. Also, women don't seem to mind being called a Twat. Who knew.

Ok, Mike. Enough already.
This is a poorly made, poorly dubbed, poorly acted movie with over the top graphic violence... but it will make you laugh. It's definitely a genre classic in its own right, but just not a very good one; perfect for large groups of drunk horror fans to sit around and have a fun time with.


Cannibal Ferox is available now on DVD.

Here are a few more pics of this gem, because, filler.


  1. I've not see this, but a friend of mine has. He watched it during his obsession with banned horror movies, and at the time he thought it was the best thing he'd ever seen. I wonder what his opinion of it would be today...

  2. LOL... back then I imagine it was intense... now, it's just funny as hell. And Gross.

  3. Ferox can also mean wild, warlike, unbridled, which might make a little more sense..maybe?

    I've considered watching this movie just for its notoriety, but not sure if I actually want to sit through it. I think your review will cut it. :)