March 9, 2009

DVD Review: The Bunker (2001)

Here's an interesting one that reminds me of such horror flicks as Outpost or Below...
In Attendance- Me, Eryn, The Vanilla Gorilla, Cherrie, and Nick.
Cast Members of Note- Jason Flemyng, Jack Davenport, and Andrew Tiernan.

A bunch of pansy-ass Nazi Soldiers get too scared to fight anymore, and decide to hide out in a creepy old bunker. There, they find an old man and a young boy hiding there as well, who are oddly enough both Nazi soldiers themselves (?!?), and they all decide to start a dance crew.

Oh-oh, oh oh oh, oh-oh.
It's not long before some creepy ghosts interrupt their Ihnen wurde gedient (You Got Served) dance-off, and start causing all sorts of havoc and death. To make matters worse, the Allies seem to be getting closer and closer, forcing the Krauts to take refuge in the dark tunnels underneath the bunker.

The party killers.
From here on out, things get pretty hectic; no one trusts each other, the spirits of other dead Nazi's seem to want them dead, the ammo is running low, and the old man is some kind of creepy liar, and may be in league with Satan. I think. I won't reveal anymore to you here, so as not to spoil the rest of the movie for you, but suffice it to say that once the AT-AT's arrive, the Allies are toast!

This picture is 70% real.
This is one of those movies that I like to refer to as "Highbrow" Horror; it's well-made, has a deep and engrossing storyline, and it plays more to your intelligence than it does your desire for visceral thrills.

There isn't much blood or gore to be had here, and there aren't many scary moments either, but somehow it manages to hold your attention and make you feel just creepy enough for you to care. I love WWII movies anyhow, so even if this had sucked as a Horror flick, I would have gotten to see a cool war movie.

As a Star Wars fan, I'm disturbed to find out about the use of Imperial Walkers by the Nazi's in WWII; and as an American with German heritage, I wish someone in my family had piloted one of those suckers! Yeah, I need help.

This really happened.
I hate movies that make me sympathize with Nazis... it makes me feel kinda dirty and wrong.

Die, evil Nazi!
Not so much, but we do get a bunch of gun violence. I liked the part with the flare gun the best.


Where is he looking, if not up a skirt?
"Deserted or dead, either way, we can forget them" or "When will you realize I am not fighting the same war as you?"

Nazi's were people too, just really shitty people. Also, never go down into "the tunnels"... nothing good can come of that.

Nothing good, I say!
This is a decently average psychological Horror flick. It's a lot like Below or Outpost in tone, so if you liked either of those, or if you dig that quiet and nuanced style of Horror in general, then definitely check this one out.


Would you go down in those tunnels? Our answer is...

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  1. M'hael, good review of this movie. I liked this one as well as Outpost... different type of horror, but entertaining enough.