March 3, 2009

DVD Review: Dead in 3 Days (2009)

The Austrian version of I Know What You Did Last Summer... Interesting.
Cast Members of Note- Sabrina Reiter and a bunch of other Austrians that I don't know.

Flashback: In Austria, pond hockey kills. It also makes people go insane and kill high school kids in horrible ways.

That is one evil hockey puck.
Five friends, just about to graduate from Austrian High School, run over a deer while partying at high speeds on the Autobahn. Soon after, they receive text messages that say "In 3 Tagen bist du tot," which I thought meant something like "During lunch, you can have 3 of my tots..." boy was I wrong. It means "You'll be dead in 3 Days" in Austrian. Soon enough, the Gorton's Fisherman comes along and kills one of them, getting revenge for his deer friend! See what I did there?

She is doe-eyed no longer.
One by one, the kids begin to drop in increasingly painful ways (as the pic above clearly shows.) Fed up with the fisherman's hi-jinks, the remaining friends set out to uncover his identity, and put a stop to the hockey-inspired killing once and for all!

I won't spoil what comes next for you here, as it would be unfair of me to ruin it for you, but suffice it to say that revenge is served wet and cold, and with a side of tartar sauce! Also, things get pretty creepy towards the end.

Is Kenny Rogers the Gorton's Fisherman? Watch and find out!
I have to admit that DI3D was my first Austrian Horror flick, and I liked it. You'll definitely get the feeling that this movie is a lot like I Know What you Did Last Summer, and you'll be right; it's basically the same movie, but it's different enough to work for me.

Why do they always try to run?
The best things about this movie are its camera work/setting, and the acting. The scenery in this movie is fantastic, as Austria is a gorgeous country. The actors definitely complement the scenery, as does the creepy tone of much of the film.

That's creepy.
Without giving anything away, was anyone else totally creeped out by the killer when they were revealed? For some reason, he/she/it really unsettled me; the mannerisms, the fact that they didn't speak, the dead look in their eyes... really eerie.

You should have given him your tots!
I didn't know that they shipped the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise overseas. Apparently, they sent it to Austria and changed its name.

Austrian cuties.
Fish tank violence! Also, deer violence, multiple stabbings, dream violence, drownings, and an impaling. Some really good stuff, I just wish there had been more of it.

This is why I don't have fish.
One pair of nice boobs during a brief sex scene, and that's all.

Austrian Cops are inept. Also, pond hockey can ruin people's lives.

She can't breathe with you on top of her!
This is a pretty decent offering, though it certainly doesn't break any new ground in the Teen Slasher genre. Visually breathtaking, well-acted, and a truly creepy third act make it one to check out. It's out on DVD today, so give it a rent... it's one that I'll probably buy.


Dead in 3 Days is available now on DVD.

Die frauen von Dead in 3 Days.

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  1. I do like Dimension's DVD cover art for this one.

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