August 30, 2008

Solo Rreview: From Beyond (1986)
Cast Members of Note- The awesome Jeffrey Combs and Ken Foree, and the ever hot Barbara Crampton.

From Beyond is basically about an creepy old doctor who likes to tie women up and abuse them, using them to find a way to access the hidden world of flesh-hungry creatures that constantly surrounds us. Of course it turns him into some sort of literal sex-monster, and despite his otherworldly change, he never loses his horny demeanor with the ladies.

The ladies love this guy.
Enter a sexually repressed brain doctor/author who is really hot, a nerdy and terrorized scientist, and a sassy black Cop, and all hell breaks loose! By "all hell" I mean she gets very horny and tries to have sex with everyone... even the nerd, after he nearly gets sucked half to death by some nether-creature, and ends up looking like a half-sucked white Milk Dud.

I won't ruin the ending for you here, but trust me when I say that a giant-sized evil penis nearly ruins everyone's day.

Half-sucked Milk Dud.
You have to love H.P. Lovecraft; the guy had some crazy ideas about things, and I'll be damned if he doesn't have us wondering about a universe full of Elder Gods that we humans aren't advanced enough to see. From Beyond lets us see what H.P. wanted us to believe, and it does so in glorious fashion. Jeffrey Combs is great in this one as usual, as is Ken Foree. Sure they're B-movie character guys, but to us Horror fans, they're legends. Speaking of legends, did it get any hotter than Barbara Crampton in the 80's? Nope. It did not.

This movie is fun, bloody, interesting, and bizarre all at once, and we love it to death. 

She so turns into a super-whore in this one.
Honestly, the worst part about this movie is that I wish it had been longer. It really was that good.

"Did you say... longer?"
The bat/bird/dragon/winged demon thing. LOL Some of the FX in this one were 80's bad.

TONS of blood and gore for those of us that like it to flow heavy. The Directors Cut Blu-ray/DVD even has the "eyeball sucking scene" put back into the movie, and that jsut makes the whole thing extra nasty... In a good way of course.

Oh, that sucks. Sucks... get it? Nevermind.
Barbara Crampton for the win! She is a bad, bad girl in this, and she shows her goods-a-plenty.

"Ok, I'll try it, but are you sure it's gonna fit?"
"It... ate... him!" or "That will be enough of that."

H.P. Lovecraft was a creepy and brilliant dude. Also, always listen to the scientist when he tells you "no."

"Stop being a whore!"
One of only two Lovecraft flicks that has ever been really good (the other being Re-Animator), From Beyond is a unique viewing experience to say the least. It's crazy, it's erotic, it's full of slimy gore, and it's just fun as hell.

This is one of the best Horror flicks of the 80's (or any decade), and you absolutely need to have it in your collection.


From Beyond is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.

Barbara Crampton is crazy hot... especially in leather.

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