August 7, 2008

10 cool posters, 10 sucky movies.

Why do they do this too us? For as long as I can remember, video companies have given us the old bait and switch; "let's spend half of the films budget on the poster, that'll suck 'em in!" Oy. No offense to the filmmakers, but when the poster looks great and the film is anything but, you have issues. Check these 10 posters out, love them, and then save your money and never see the movies.
Timber Falls wasn't as good as this poster.
Elisha Cuthbert, pressing them on the glass and looking terrified... What a great image. Too bad the movie was bland and more than familiar.
God this movie was a letdown... I mean, that poster is fantastic. Dammit.
This is the movies that became Wicked Little Things... It was bad. Odd how they had this poster done way before the movie... So much promise.
Lake Shit.
Blew. (See what I did there?)
What a fantastic poster...
Crap remake of a great foreign flick. This poster is awesome though.
I guarantee they spent more on this poster than on anything else in the film.
This may be the best movie poster ever... who cares if the movie was awful!


  1. The poster for Funny Games: Great.

    The actual movie (remake) which I saw in theaters because the first one was awesome and the previews looked good: Robbed me of two hours of my life and $20, which I want both refunded. Immediately.

  2. I loved the marketing for Captivity and the film wasn't that bad,

    - Zac

  3. Captivity wasn't bad, it just wasn't that good. It just struck em as something that belonged on the Sci-Fi network, and I expected more going int.

  4. Oh, well maybe that's it then because I was expecting the worst movie ever when I watched it and was pleasantly surprised.

    - Zac