August 1, 2008

The Importance of The Horror Hottie.

One thing that Horror flicks manage to do well (for the most part), aside from giving us a good scare or two (again, for the most part), is fill the screen with some hot chicks. They are as important to a Horror movie as is the blood and carnage, and that's saying a lot. I mean, who are we supposed to root for if not the sweet, cute girl that doesn't deserve whats happening to her? And who better to wish death upon other than the proverbial bitch that has it coming to her? See what I'm saying?

  • We get the bad girls: smoking, drinking, having sex... We all want to date her (guys, that is), but we know she's poison. Sweet, tasty poison, but poison, none the less.
  • We get the virginal sweet girls: usually the last ones alive... We'd bring her home to mom, take her to the prom, and then go home and rub one out when she denies us getting to second base. Sigh. 
  • Sometimes we even get the hot, evil chicks, which may be the best of them all. We love them despite their nefarious ways, don't we?

She's a sweet girl.
Cute, slutty, naked (preferably naked), sassy, deranged, slutty, naked, vulnerable, strong willed, slutty, naked... The women of Horror inspire us in many ways. (I'm not mentioning some of those ways here, especially the ones that involve mashed potatoes and a hairbrush. I heard about that one on the Internet. Honest.

Any way you slice it, we need them in our movies, no matter what role they're playing. So celebrate them with us, because we like pictures of hot chicks, and so should you.

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  1. Well said.

    We're not pervs, there's a subtle nuance to our art of pointing out the HH.

    ..Okay, well we're pervs too, but in this case that's neither here nor there.