August 23, 2008

Horror Hotties: The Girls of Black Christmas (2006)

What a great gathering of hot chicks we have here! Sadly, none of them get naked in the movie, but the girls of Black Christmas (2006) still made us smile as they died!  

Hottest of them all is Michelle Trachtenberg. Me, her, 12 lbs. of fruit roll-ups, and a hairless kitten with no teeth... nevermind. She's come a long way from Harriet the Spy and Eurotrip; in fact, she's one good teen lesbian movie away from completely shedding her good girl stigma, and being considered a saint by us.

Lacey Chabert is next. From little pest on Party of Five, to total hotness, we're very proud of her development. She too needs a good lesbian role... and most likely a good spanking.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead... What else can you really say about her other than "love is that hole too, baby."

Were not even done yet! Crystal Lowe is a total Hottie, although she's a bit lesser known than the others. She likes to get naked in everything she's in though, and that proves her to be classy enough for this blog.

Last, but not least, is Katie Cassidy. Not only is she David Cassidy's daughter, but she's apparently quite the naughty little minx... That's pure conjecture on our part, but we know we're right.

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  1. Oh my god, yes. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought the movie was salvaged by the fact that you can masturbate furiously at any given moment, because there's going to be a purebread hottie on screen at any given time.

    Personally, my favorite is Michelle Trachtenberg, and Euro Trip was hilarious by the way tough guy. Oh Michelle, as I assume you read our blog, because we're kind of a big deal.. Let me just say that if you ever feel the need to get humped furiously by an overweight hairy Irish-American man who's hung like an infant bull, then holla atcha boi.

    Jesus Christ, the things I would do if not for that stupid Protection Order.