September 3, 2008

Solo Review: Trouble Every Day (2001)
Sub-Genre- Psychological
Cast Members of Note- Vincent Gallo, and the ever disturbing Beatrice Dalle.

A fairly skanky dude and his cute-as-a-button new wife head to Paris for their Honeymoon; a Honeymoon filled with bite marks and creepy sexual disorders! Seriously, part of the reason for them picking Paris for their Honeymoon involves the dude secretly visiting a Doctor & old friend that can cure him from wanting to bite women to death every time he gets a boner.

If this picture doesn't scream "Rape," I don't know what does.
To keep distracted from his creepy lust, he stalks women on trains, takes pills, ogles the slutty maid, smokes, buys a puppy, sniffs the bed, doesn't shower, and strangles people to death... I can't make this stuff up, folks. I mean, I could, but with this movie, I don't have to.

Will he find the answers he so desperately seeks? Will he and his wife actually have sex on their Honeymoon? Will he finally bite-rape the maid? Will Beatrice Dalle ever star in anything that isn't disturbing and horrific? No, no, yes, and no.

Bed-sniffing freak.
Beatrice Dalle may be the creepiest bitch alive. She was horrifying in Inside, and she's no less twisted here. This movie is disturbing on so many levels, that I don't even know where to start. I guess that means it was effective, and thus did its job fairly well.

Trouble Every Day is a good mix of gore, psychological Horror and sex. Watching a movie about people who have a disorder that compels them to bite people to death when aroused is a scary thing, and it also makes me not want to date anymore.

The mood is dark and the pacing is slow to say the least, but in a good way. The tension builds, and the French make what should be all out panic into a meditation on the dangers of sex. I think. Either way, it was well-made and had substance. I'm still confused though.

I wouldn't go near her without a grenade and a Humvee.
Did she know Core`? Did the maid know what he wanted to do to her? Did his wife know that he was creepy? What were those pills? What the fuck just happened?

Yeah, you married the wrong guy, honey.
French Horror always makes me feel dirty.

Yes, dirty just like that.
Yeah, Beatrice Dalle is in this, so do I really have to say anything more? Multiple people are bitten to death during sex, and there's no shortage of blood anywhere in this movie.

Oh how cute... she paints.
Boobs and sex aplenty! Most of it is creepy though, especially Vincent Gallo alone in the bathroom. Eeew.

Beatrice Dalle is just not safe to be around. Also, puppies make everything better.

Puppies did not make her better.
This movie is certainly disturbing, repulsive, and awesome, as per usual with French Horror. It's worth checking out if you are a patient movie watcher, love gore, and if you're fine with never getting the answers you've waited the whole movie for.


Trouble Every Day is available now on DVD and VOD.

Why yes, that is Beatrice Dalle with Asia Argento. Also, Tricia Vessey, all by her lonesome.

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