September 8, 2008

Solo Review: Tears of Kali (2004)
Stupid people + creepy cult = lots o' weird shit going down. This old hippie that looks like Sam Elliot on crack, rubs up on sweaty naked hot chicks, and teaches them how to get in touch with their inner-beings... mainly by having them mutilate themselves in one way or another.

Would still do.
Throughout the years, this guy's teachings linger around for people to use to better their lives; freeing Demons from their backs; peeling themselves to death to save themselves from more bad karma; awakening Demons from deep inside your "soul's basement..." because that's where the bad memories are stored you know.

I won't ruin the rest of what happens for you here, but suffice it to say that all Hippies are filthy creeps that should be systematically hunted down and killed. Trust me, it's for the benefit of everyone.

"Oh god... I can see forever!"
Right off the bat we get to see a hot, naked chick cut her own eyelids off, so she can finally "look at the world," although everything now looks red. That pretty much sets the tone for what were in for, and it's moments like that which make me say that I can't help but love this movie.

The eerie stories around the Taylor-Eriksson Group and their members are told in three episodes; SHAKTI, DEVI, and KALI, each with their own.... ambiance? This group tried to re-define the limits of self-finding, sex and violence. Starting as a psychological cat-and-mouse-game, the story soon turns into pure horror.

That is the basic premise, but honestly this movie is an eerie mind-fuck that makes me nervous to be alone with myself. I love how they give you this dark mythos about a strange cult in the 80's experimenting with things that lie "beyond," and then show the repercussions that such experiments can have on you, even decades later. I think I like the second story, Devi, the best, though each has their own strong points which deserve credit. All three stories were very unsettling and creepy, and certainly gory.

Do NOT turn around.
Trying to actually watch someone cut their eyelids off with a tiny pair of scissors, and remaining objective about it isn't easy. Neither is watching them peel off their own skin without looking away.

Maybe she'll make it?
This creepy motherfucker right here:

"Not feeling your eyelids. Maybe get rid of those for me."
There's plenty of sadomasochistic nastiness to satisfy you here, folks. Self-gouging via pencil to the neck, eyelid cutting, people skinning themselves... and there's plenty more gore besides.

She sure is trying, bless her heart.
A hot naked blond, a not-hot naked therapist guy, and some quick flashes of others here and there.

Hippies suck. Also, don't ever seek therapy from Cults in India.

Tears of Kali works on nearly every level, including the most important one to me; psychological. It has a few flaws, but overall it's a solid movie. See this if you can find the DVD, which isn't an easy task. To say the least, this movie will open your eyes...


Here are a few more images from Tears of Kali for you, because, why sleep?

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