September 18, 2008

Solo Review: Scar 2D/3D (2008)

Sub-Genre- Torture Porn  
Cast Members of Note- The ever-creepy Angela Bettis, and the cutie with the cool name, Kirby Bliss Blanton.

A couple of easy, weed-smoking girls decide to go watch the local mortician masturbate one night, but instead they end up finding him torturing someone. Realizing there's no weed in it for them, one of the girls sucks the creeps guts out with an embalming tool, and steals his cigarettes.

Kids these days...
The murdering easy girl grows up and comes home years later, and we find out that she's less hot than she was at 17. She also appears to be insane, and of course gets blamed when dead kids start showing up all over town, tortured the same way she was as a child. Freaked out, she returns to the funeral parlor where it all began, looking to steal more cigarettes.

I won't ruin the ending for you here, but suffice it to say that she gets no more cigarettes, and ends up cutting off her own thumb.

Virginia Slims? Dammit!
Scar has the distinction of being the first ever HD 3D movie in the history of the Horror genre. We're not sure how we feel about the use of 3D in Horror; it does make the nasty, uncomfortable bits feel more in-your-face, but will it work at home on DVD? There better be some cool glasses included!

This movie had its misgivings, mostly in the way that it allowed itself to get caught up in stereotypical genre trappings that served only to make me roll my eyes, but overall it was a fun ride. The plot was fairly interesting, although the "game" the killer played will no doubt draw comparisons to Saw.

Though I only got to see it in 2D, this one ended up being better than I thought it was going to be; it was a bloody, gory, visceral, and often times uncomfortable movie to watch, all which bodes well for a Horror flick, IMO. This movie took no prisoners when it came to the Torture Porn aspect of things, and for that I say, Bravo!

... or is it "Brava!"
Oh come on, not the old "you've got to believe me" routine!!! Even better, we get the "It's finally over!" gag as well. My personal favorite though?; the whole "It was only a dream" thing. Ugh.

Oh man, she going to prison!
Finally, we get a non-stereotypical black guy in a Horror movie, and he still buys the farm. To make it worse? They cut off his peener. Will it never end?

But of course, the white girls live.
If the amount of blood and twisted violence in this movie aren't enough for you, then you probably shouldn't be allowed around children. Or pets. Scar is wet with the crimson splendor, and the torture is not only plentiful, but you get to see it all. This one is full of nasty goodness!

Yeah, it was that kind of movie.
Yes, we do get to see some boobs.

Not his though.
"Bishop... oh Biiishop!" (You'll understand when you see it.)

Never trust the creepy loner. Also, it's never "just a dream", although sometimes it is. But not really.

The Cops love this girl.
This one had a ton of blood and gore, and was great visually; unfortunately, when it fell back on genre cliche' a few times throughout, it lost some of its impact. I say see it, because it's a fun little flick, just know going in that it's not perfect.


Scar 2D/3D is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.

This movie contains some pretty hot chicks. Several, in fact, and in various stages of hotness:

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  1. I thought this deserved a better rating especially given some of the other "c" movies out there... this I think should have been a B at least, the acting was good, the effects were good, it wasn't cheesy, and though somewhat reminiscent of saw it was different. I actually felt for the characters despite the typical twist in who the killer ended up being, I guess IMHO the acting made me forget about the lame twist. Really, it seemed to fit and I think that's a commendation to the actors. Personally, I would put this on the top rather than the middle. Too bad most people haven't seen it. Note: Why the f*** hasn't Angela Bettis been in a major film? She's an excellent actress with a wide range, nothing superficial about the statement, I just think she's been overlooked when she has more talent than most so called movie stars have in their pinkies.