September 29, 2008

Solo Review: The Entity (1982)
Sub-Genre- Supernatural.
Cast Members of Note- Barbara Hershey, Ron Silver, and Alex Rocco.

The Entity tell the story of a single mother of three who has had a pretty rough life; she was possibly molested by her father; she was married and knocked up at 16 to an alcoholic punk (who died pretty much right after they got married); she was abandoned by the dad of her other two kids... on top of all of that, she now finds herself being abused and raped by a vengeful spirit. Repeatedly. To say she's had a rough life is putting it mildly.

She can't catch a break.
Luckily for her, she goes to see a Doctor who really wants to help her. He may want to get in her pants too, but he thinks she's insane, so he's not sure what to do. Despite the fact that there's a violent poltergeist that rapes her on a regular basis, he still offers her his "Help." Creep!

"It's like he doesn't even know I'm in the room with him."
Some serious mayhem ensues from this point on, including the ghost raping and attacking her a bunch of times; her son being attacked when he tries to help her; her friend's house is demolished when the ghost follows her there; and she even ghost rides her whip. All the while, everyone thinks she is a fucking nut-job.

I won't ruin the ending for you here, other than to say the last scene is seriously fucking scary. Like that "deep in your bones" kind of scary.

I'd say run, and don't ever stop, but you can't can you?
The Entity is based on a true story, and whether you choose to believe that it was "real" or not, this movie is a serious creep-fest. Is there a more disturbing premise for a movie other than "Angry spirit violently rapes woman?" Perhaps the premise of Inside, but I don't know. This is some harsh stuff.

This is one of the creepiest movies I've ever seen, and that's saying an awful lot. From the beginning, everything about this movie is scary; the music, the lighting, and even some of the dialogue is just damn creepy. I actually got goosebumps when I watched this, and I've seen it before... I knew what was coming. I swear that the music in this movie may be some of the creepiest ever.

Ron Silver is a hell of an actor. I've always loved his work, and I wonder why he was never a "bigger" star instead of just the prototypical 80's character actor. Barbara Hershey is pretty damn good too. And hot. We must never forget that she's hot.

Not in this one, though. There's nothing hot about this movie.
Alright, so you've been raped by an evil, violent spirit once, attacked a second time which makes you flee the house, and you're so terrified, that you don't come home until the next night... and when you finally do come home, you walk around the house without turning one light on? Come on now, no one would do that.

Turn on some lights, woman!
Moe Greene, you are not a man, sir, but a gigantic pussy!

No gore. This is a psychological Horror movie, not so much visceral. There are 6 rape scenes though, that while being bloodless, are quite disturbing.

There's also lightning. Lots and lots of lightning.
You know, normally I'd be all excited to say that Barbara Hershey was all kinds of naked in this, and that she looked great. Since she was naked only when she was attacked/raped by a brutal poltergeist though, it's a creepy kind of naked, so we didn't enjoy it at all.

"Welcome home C**t." A seriously creepy line, from a seriously creepy scene. And yes, it's a harsh word at the end of the sentence, so I didn't type it outright. I have hardly any class, but I do have some.

Here's a hint: C U Next Tuesday.
Don't watch creepy shit at night. Ever. Especially if you are prone to peeing yourself. Also, screw this movie.

Poor girl.
I have no choice but to give The Entity an A, as this is one of the most disturbing and effective ghost stories I've ever seen. It still creeps me out to this day. If you have yet to see this early 80's classic, then grab a copy now and enjoy.

Just maybe don't watch it alone.


The Entity is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.

Let us never forget that in her day, Barbara Hershey was one of the hottest girls in Hollywood.


  1. I saw this movie in BluRay glory and it looked amazing. And Barbara Hershey was absolutely hot. This made the rape scenes really sad because she deserved some real loving and not a shitty ghost torturing her.

    Thank you very much for your recommention. This truely was a A grade.

  2. the attacks continued even after she moved away, oh man, creepy that this thing is unstoppable!! the most interesting scene for me was when they captured the ghost...