September 16, 2016

What's New on VOD This Week? (9/13-9/16)

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September keeps rolling out the hits with this week's crop of VOD releases, all of which look watchable, or at the very least, are compelling enough to take a chance on.

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Here are this week's VOD releases, ranked in order from our most to least anticipated.

  1. The Shallows was a solid killer shark flick that deserves to find a second life on home video. Read our full review HERE to find out why.
  2. After the last few Rob Zombie flicks, we're not expecting much at all from 31, but we are curious as hell to see how it turns out.
  3. The Good Neighbor looks like a solid Thriller that has a pretty neat hook to it. It's good to see James Caan in something new, especially when he's playing a creepy role.
  4. The Devil's Dolls is one that we've been high on for a while now, and we're hoping that it ends up being as good as its trailer makes it look.
  5. If we get the urge to watch a heist flick, Marauders is the one we'll turn to this weekend. Great cast in this one.
  6. We didn't catch Warcraft while it was in theaters, but it looks like a fun flick, so we'll definitely give it a go now.
  7. Knucklebones looks kinda cool for a lower-budget flick.
  8. Same goes for Tell Me How I Die. Looks promising.
  9. Deeper might end up being a decent revenge flick, although the whole "Men are evil pigs that need to be stopped!" narrative that it seems to be pushing is pretty lame.
  10. And Dark Exorcism looks alright.
  11. Happy streaming!

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  1. I seen Blair Witch it's not terrible, but not that good either. Have you guys seen it yet?