September 30, 2016

Updated: Our VOD Release Dates Page Has Gained A Bunch of New Titles!
October is here, and we've updated our VOD Release Dates Page with all of the newest streaming titles that the creepiest month of the year has to offer! There will no doubt be more movies that pop up randomly throughout the month, so be sure to check our full page regularly for updates.

For now though, you can see October's releases below, and then head over to our full VOD Release Dates Page to also see what's coming in November & December, as well as the best of what's available to stream now.

OCTOBEROct 4pOct 4aOct 4Oct 4dOct 4pOct 4p4Oct 4p3Oct 4sOct 4Oct 6 DirecTVOct 7Oct 7gOct 7iOct 7Oct 7 VOD LIMOct 11Oct 11Oct 11p11Oct 11Oct 14Oct 14Oct 18Oct 18rOct 21Oct 21 VODOct 21sOct 24Oct 25aOct 25 VODOct 25sOct 25woctoberFooter

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